Our expertise, available for you to create better exercises
Practical Guides
Blueprints for engaging exercises
Creating a great exercise requires knowledge of storytelling, engagement, audience participation and subject matter expertise.

With our heritage in transmedia storytelling, we know about creating realistic storyworlds that play out in real life. Please enjoy our guides and reports to help you create stellar exercises, even if you have no time and only get it half right!
Scenario Writing Kit
Immediately improve the way you write and communicate scenarios, using our canvas of interactive sheets and quick start guide.

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Designing Your Exercise
The ultimate guide to make the most out of your training exercises, an e-book with proven tips to plan and execute your sessions.

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A Cyber-exercise How-to
An easy slide presentation to guide you through the process of creating your own cyber-attack simulation. Just follow the steps!

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IO Simulation Tools
Our information operations toolkit is intended to stimulate red team ideas and scenarios.

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Sharable ideas
We occasionally sponsor some research or write our own reports on topics that interest us in the hope that they’ll interest you too!

Please feel free to download and share.
Preparing for Crisis
This is a report and video series for company executives to raise awareness of the need for radical changes in the way companies think about and prepare for threats to their business.

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Modern Reputational Risks
We conducted original research with communications and PR professionals to uncover the challenges of protecting brand reputation in an age of cancel culture.

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Climate Change
We sponsored a Business Continuity Institute report on extreme weather and climate change, and its effect in supply chain resilience and other business areas.

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Transforming Crisis Exercises with AI
We conducted a survey to explore the role of AI in crisis exercising. Understand the attitudes of people towards AI and how you can leverage it for faster and more realistic exercise creation.

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We have our own podcast and sometimes appear or support others.
Warfighter Podcast
Conducttr CEO, Robert Pratten, discusses military information operations exercises.

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The Crisis Designer Weekly Podcast, a weekly podcast of conversations about how to make your crisis scenario designs better.
Crisis Designer Weekly Podcast
We ran a weekly podcast from Oct 2021 until the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Feb 2022 with conversations about how to make your scenario designs better.

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In Moscow’s Shadows, a podcast hosted by Mark Galeotti that Conducttr has sponsored.
In Moscow’s Shadows
We’re very proud to be supporting Mark Galeotti’s podcast about Russia, behind the headlines as well as in the shadows.

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See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.