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Conducttr Academy
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The Conducttr Academy is our suite of training courses and certificates to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest in crisis exercise design, simulation and facilitation.

We offer three training paths for Designers, Facilitators and Role-players, which can be combined as your experience grows.
A chart displaying the Conducttr skill tree, which outlines your progress track starting with practitioner, all the way to legend.
Conducttr Skill Tree
Skill tree tracks your progress from Practitioner through to Legend!

Our mission is to make everyone’s life an adventure - including yours - as you’ll see in our participatory, engaging courses lead by an experienced Conducttr person with field-hardened expertise!
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Courses are usually held online via Zoom or Teams and the time spread over convenient availability that suits you during the week.

Certain multi-day expert-level courses are conducted on site, usually with us travelling to you.
A “Designer” is the person who writes and implements the exercise in our exercise scenario editor application

Progression through the Designer achievement levels means going from a designing and building a basic exercise through to fully-fledged virtual open-worlds with human social graph modelling.
A “Facilitator” is the person who runs the exercise with the training audience (also known as “players”).

Progression as a Facilitator means going from “pressing go” on a scripted Master Events List through branching with multiple events lists and “pattern of life” up to running multi-week high-fidelity wargames with FIEMA.
A “Role-player” is the person who, during an exercise, lives behind a digital persona that represents a stakeholder and responds to training audience (also known as “players”) activity.

Progression as a Role-player entails basic impersonation and spoof engagement through to customising and activating new stakeholders and managing disengaged and dominant players.
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You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.
Develop much-needed skills and showcase your expertise by earning an internationally recognised Conducttr certificate.

Achieving a Conducttr certificate signals your expertise in crisis simulation to a global marketplace.

You’ll gain a workplace advantage by being more capable which can lead to career advancement and, adding our digital certification badges to your social media profile ensures you stand out.
The Conducttr facilitator practitioner badge, an entry-level achievement.
Entry-level certificate indicating that you're starting on your journey to greatness.
The Conducttr designer specialist badge, a next-level achievement.
Next-level certificate indicating that you're very capable in your specialist field of either design, role-play or facilitation.
The Conducttr role-player professional badge, a top-level achievement.
Top-level certification indicating that you've mastered Conducttr across all specialisms of design, role-play and facilitation.