Cyber Scenarios
Simulate any cyber effect – confidentiality, integrity, accessibility
Frightening realism.

People are the biggest risk in any organisation. Effective behavioural change requires emotional engagement with the issue. A Conducttr exercise creates emotional impact that changes or reinforces behaviour.
Hacked website
Any website can be taken offline (and brought back again) by an inject in the Master Events List or “live” by Exercise Control.
Website details
Simulating the “inspect” feature of browsers, reveal to players any information about a website before or after a hack.
Add just the right amount of stress by simulating enquiries from external and internal stakeholders - on email or as help desk tickets.
Network map
Show how the virus is affecting your network and systems on a graphical display and update the display as the exercise progresses.
Role Coordination
Send different content to different players, teams and roles to stimulate collaboration and coordination as would happen in real life.
Avoid the hooks.

Hackers try to trick people into clicking a bad link or downloading infected products.
SSL visualisation
All simulated websites in Conducttr can have a URL and you decide if they should also have link encryption with https:// or without with http://
Link details on hover
Encourage players to hover on links to reveal where they lead before clicking on them. Link destinations can be hidden underneath text but then revealed on hover - just like real life.
Real-time notification
Exercise Control can see in real-time when links are clicked - malicious links or otherwise.
Playbook Validation
Confirm and practice your response.

Rehearsing your cyber attack playbook is essential for ensuring effective response strategies, clarity and usability of the procedures and optimal coordination and communication among teams during real incidents.
Playbook Evaluation
Allow participants to actively use and test their playbooks in simulated cyber attack scenarios to evaluate that steps are understood and followed in real-time situations.
Role-Based Access and Participation
Assign specific roles and responsibilities to team members as outlined in the playbooks, and then evaluate player understanding and execution of their roles during the exercise.
Attachments & Libraries
Add playbooks as attachments to emails (all within Conducttr’s secure environment, not your real email!) or publish to a simulated drive folder for frequent access.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.