What is Conducttr?
The basics of how Conducttr works
Virtual Desktop
Realistic first-person point-of-view of the crisis
Virtual Desktop
Just like real-life
Players interact with your exercise via a “virtual desktop” that runs in a Chrome or Edge browser. They receive injects (i.e. messages) through simulations of applications they’re already familiar with like email, Twitter, help ticketing systems and so on.
Fully Customisable
You decide what channels to use. All the icons, colours and channel names can be changed to suit your exercise and branding.
Only Use What You Need
Conducttr is the most feature-rich crisis exercise platform on the planet but you only need to enable the parts you need to suit your exercise.
Virtual or In-person or Both
Exercises can be run with players working remotely or all in the same room or a mix. We encourage participation for better engagement but we even have solutions for keyboard-shy chief execs!
You’re in Control
Team exercises have a “facilitator dashboard” that allows the facilitator to control the pace - stopping, fast-forwarding, branching, adding or removing stress as needed to suit the player behaviours.
Role-specific Content
Content can be sent to everyone or to specific people or teams depending on what information they’d get in real-life or what you’ve decided for this exercise.
Realistic Responses
Our impersonation feature allows anyone you appoint to respond as a key stakeholder. You can also respond en masse as a targeted demographic like “Manchester mothers against meat” or similar.
Grows with You
Whether you want the confidence to know your team will step up in a time of crisis or you just want to show compliance, Conducttr has the solution.
Grows with You
For every type of exercise
Your exercise is easily designed to suit the readiness-level of your team from novice to experienced professional; from key worker to C-suite; from 30mins to 30 days.
For novice teams, your exercise might lean more towards training with player freedom restricted to click-button-to-answer questions. We offer a range of question types from choice to multi-choice, ranked options and open text. All reported in real time to the facilitator dashboard.
For teams that aren’t novice but not yet expert, you can mix and match features that make sense for their abilities - perhaps combining some click-button answers with freedom to email each other and stakeholders, freedom to post to a website or search of information. You can decide.
Expert teams enjoy the freedom of autonomy to behave exactly as they would in their real jobs. They can even use our simulation of popular applications for sentiment analysis of social media, geographic alerts and help ticketing systems.
Train one team or have a 1000 teams train themselves!
Online Exercise Library
With Conducttr Worlds, you can offer your business units around the world a library of exercises for them to run and facilitate locally. You can access the exercise reports centrally as well as other metrics about the popularity of exercises, when they’ve been run and so on. Your exercise library can be tailored by region and by business unit so you only offer relevant scenarios.
Easy compliance
Ensure that all business units run business continuity exercises and capture the data to prove it.
Fewer staff
Allow business units to facilitate their own exercises with no previous knowledge of Conducttr. See for yourself and try our one of our Worlds.
Start small, grow large
Any Conducttr exercise can be uploaded to your Worlds library and as the demand for exercises grows, you can add more library slots and business units.
Build it Yourself
The Scenario Editor application allows anyone to build their own exercises either from scratch or modifying an existing template.
Build it Yourself
Anyone can do it
Even if you have no time and get it only kind of right, you can get still get amazing results.
Lite vs Pro
Easily toggle the scenario editor interface between commonly used features and more “pro” features so you can glide into Conducttr at your own pace.
Artificial Intelligence
AI assistance is available each step of the way from idea & story generation to content generation - saving time whenever you need it. See for yourself and try our one of our Worlds.
Our Ventura content library has tons of exercises, personas and media - including 120 breaking news videos recorded by a real actor - so you can create your own scenarios fast! Save your favourites and create templates for even faster exercise building.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.