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Conducttr provides clients with “Ventura” - a rich content library filled with diverse scenarios, detailed personas, and a variety of assets designed to enhance your exercises. Benefit from a wealth of resources that can bring depth and realism to your simulations, allowing for a more engaging and effective learning experience.
Equip your team for any crisis with our scenarios for cyber threats, natural disasters, humanitarian issues, reputation, and public safety.
With personas categorized by language, region, and topic, you can access tailored content that enhances the realism of your exercises and saves you time.
Wow participants by incorporating images, audio, websites and over 120 professionally-created breaking news videos with real actors.
Exercise content from our Emirati Oil Cyber Attack crisis scenario which can be used immediately or experienced now via our Worlds service.
Example library content
Emirati Oil Cyber Attack is a library scenario you can use immediately by uploading into our Scenario Editor and puts the player in the role of Crisis Manager of an oil company in the Emirates.

The duration is about 40 minutes, plus time for after-action review.
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You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.