Increase your professional skills and learn valuable techniques to take your Conducttr exercises to the next level. Our training is bespoke to you and focuses on translating your ideas into a working exercise.
We collaborate with you or work alone to create exercises you can run without ever touching the Scenario Editor or we’ll give you the exercise project files for you to modify later. Please contact us to discuss.
Available courses
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T001 Introduction to Conducttr
This is a 6hr course aimed at new Conducttr scenario designers and intended to help you translate your ideas into a working exercise. Our trainers will take your existing scenario which might be on Powerpoint or Excel and over the course you’ll being implementing it in Conducttr. One outcome of the course is that you have a working exercise or are at least on the way to one.
Delivery: Online (3 x 2hrs) or in person (1 x 6hrs)
T002 Facilitator Basics
This is a 3hr introductory course for those intending to run exercises for a training audience. The course shows you how to assess exercise progress and how to take appropriate steps to increase or decrease the pressure, and how to branch based on player choices.
Delivery: Online (1 x 3hrs with refreshment break)
T003 Advanced Facilitator
This 3hr course deals with the human aspects of running an exercise and examines how to design for role-players (GREY/RED CELL) & impersonation, how to monitor & react to player behaviour. We also look at troubleshooting and recovery when things don’t go according to plan.
Delivery: Online (1 x 3hrs with refreshment break)
T004 Social Simulation Design
This 6hr course examines all the social media capabilities of Conducttr and how to design & orchestrate them for tactical exercises. The course covers social graphs, social listening, geo-tagging social media posts for display on InfoMap, spoof engagement and using pattern-of-life to simulate realistic message sharing.
Delivery: Online (3 x 2hrs) or in person (1 x 6hrs)
T005 Human Terrain Modelling
This course is predominantly intended for defence and security clients that need to build high-fidelity simulated audiences. We examine measurement of effects (MoE), target audience analysis, persona management and incorporate the social simulation design course. The output from the course is a work information environment suitable to information action, PSYOPS, media operations, hybrid warfare exercises.
Delivery: 2 days in person
T006 Storytelling
This is a great practical course on the fundamentals of narrative and how to apply them to crisis simulations. You’ll learn how to generate ideas, create active audiences that explore problems, how and when to use different channels and how to bring personas to life. The course is delivered by our Chief Creative Officer, an internationally recognised expert in the field of transmedia storytelling.
Delivery: Online (6 x 1hr) or in person. Best done in groups.
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