Exercise-building Services
Your ideas, our expertise
Our services
Bespoke exercise design and advice
Discover our tailored exercise-building services that transform your needs & concepts into engaging, realistic experiences.

Whether we build or you build, you will always own the work and you can modify at any time without further assistance from us.
Our flexible service is tailored to match your availability and desire to engage in the exercise production process. Whether you take the lead or lean on our expertise, we ensure your exercises are impactful and true to life.
We Build
We’ll manage the project end-to-end from design through to completion - giving you the maximum time-saving when your availability and others are scarce.
We Collaborate
We partner with you to blend your crisis expertise with our storytelling skills, ensuring a custom and engaging exercise.
You Build
Develop in-house exercise creation expertise, reduce costs and keep confidential scenarios to yourself and your client.
How we work
We use a well-tried and proven methodology for project management and exercise development where we’ll agree with you timelines, milestones and deliverables.
Our process starts pre-sales at the proposal stage where we capture your requirements in terms of training objectives, deliverables and how we’ll collaborate. We then check in with you at the agreed tollgates to verify the exercise is going to be delivered as promised.
ISO 22398
Working with you, we can use the ISO 22398 model to describe main events, incidents (i.e. consequences) and injects. We’ll also use our proprietary models to ensure we capture and design the most engaging, realistic exercise for your training objectives.
SISO Scenario Development
For simulation projects where Conducttr interfaces with your simulation platform we’ll use the SISO scenario development guidelines to agree how the interaction should work and what Conducttr should do when triggered.
Our Framework for Information Environment Measurement and Analysis (FIEMA) is typically used for high-fidelity synthetic Internet exercises to ensure the strategic intent of the training audiences and OPFORs will be executable in the exercise and importantly observable & the measurement of effectiveness can be assessed.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.
We fuse storytelling and technology to create realistic, immersive experiences that bring your scenarios to life.
Our Heritage
Our Heritage
Conducttr isn’t just a software company, it’s a transmedia storytelling company that from 2010 developed massively participatory audience experiences for the some of the world’s biggest entertainment properties like Game of Thrones and Attack on Titan.

Since 2018 we’ve focused exclusively on corporate, humanitarian and defence clients but our “Hollywood magic” hasn’t gone away!

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