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We're here to help.
Training to help you build and run your own exercises with Conducttr software.
What we offer
Increase your professional skills and learn valuable techniques to take your Conducttr exercises to the next level. Our training is bespoke to you and focuses on translating your ideas into a working exercise.

We offer the following courses:

T001 Introduction to Conducttr
1 day Introduction to Conducttr course run remotely as 3x2hr sessions with homework between sessions. Bring your own scenario and we’ll build it together.

T002 Facilitator Basics
1/2 day facilitator training course.

T003 Advanced Facilitator
1/2 day training encompassing impersonation, role-playing and the Pulse dashboard.

T004 Social Simulation Design
1 day training encompassing social graph, social watch, social map, spoof engagement.

T005 Human Terrain Modelling
2 day training encompassing information environment design, target audience analysis, influence, disposition, Pulse dashboard, measurement of effects.
If you’re short on resources or don’t have the time, we can design or build exercises for you.
What we offer
We collaborate with you or work alone to create exercises you can run without ever touching the Scenario Editor or we’ll give you the exercise project files for you to modify later.

For Conducttr Worlds clients we can build 3-5 exercises so you launch with a full portfolio of exercises and we’ll develop a unique storyworld (or use ours) so that everything is consistent.

For information operations, counter-terrorism and strategic communications we offer full human terrain modelling, SIMPRESS and OSINT simulation build as well as scenario development.

Whatever your needs, if you don’t want to build it yourself, talk to us.
Innovative organizations are exercising with Conducttr
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