Reputational Crisis
Rehearse your defence against reputational crisis
Reputation is everything
Dealing with the fallout
Enhance reputational crisis readiness, rehearse internal communication and your public relations, strengthen stakeholder trust, refine legal compliance strategies, and develop your strategic narrative.

Conducttr allows you to rehearse any reputational crisis from workplace misconduct to data breach, product recall, safety failure, fraud and others.
Social media backlash
Trainees can rehearse managing rapid online sentiment shifts (“twitterstorms”), crafting effective responses, engaging with the public, and mitigating misinformation while trying to maintain brand integrity.
Public relations
Conducttr supports the simulation of sustained negative press, providing opportunities to develop strategic communications, enhance media relations skills, and formulate messages that effectively address public concerns.
Legal action
Using team-based inject publishing, trainees can learn to navigate the complexities of legal challenges, coordinate with legal teams, ensure compliance, communicate transparently with stakeholders, and maintaining operational continuity amidst legal scrutiny.
Employee walkout
Rehearsing internal communications can be made realistic and more difficult by simulating the circulation of rumours, internal activism and misinformation. Our impersonation features also allows subject matter experts to role-play key influential employees.
Share price freefall
Poor reputation management through a lack of transparent communications can be disastrous for an organisation’s share price. Conducttr can show share price movements and have it react to trainee actions and inaction.
After-action review
Show CCTV images of out-of-hours or secretive behaviour.Every piece of content published by the training audience can be commented upon but multiple observers and brought together for an after-action review (AAR), with the AAR report detailing the content and comments for tracking performance improvements.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.