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Our mission is to make everyone’s life an adventure. We believe that through adventure everyone can achieve their full potential in life and to create adventures, we fuse technology and storytelling to create engaging, immersive experiences that play out in the world around us.
We offer crisis exercises an unparalleled realism that allows participants to build confidence and directly transfer the experience to their jobs.
Our thought-leadership in participatory transmedia experiences informs product development and the creative process of building realistic, interactive storyworlds rich in detail for trainee exploration.
Our clients are among the most innovative in the world because they dare to seek new ways to improve the wellbeing and performance of their teams, their customers and their communities. Together we’re sharing and creating our own adventure by transforming the passing of time into life.
Robert Pratten
CEO & Founder
Prior to Conducttr Robert wrote, directed and produced two award-winning feature films and before that worked as marketing consultant in the telecomms industry. He is a vegetarian, part-time Buddhist and plays the guitar.
Alexey Ossikine
Founder & Technical Advisor
Alexey holds a BSc in Business Management from Babson College. When not experimenting with home automation, he is jumping out of planes or training his skateboarding dog new tricks.
Belén Santa-Olalla
Chief Creative Officer
Prior to Conducttr, Belen worked as theatre director, producer, teacher, actress and creativity coach. She is passionate about performing arts and stage innovation. In her very rare spare time, she can be found playing PS4 or Magic The Gathering.
Nataly Rios Goico
Head of Product Development & Content
Nataly is an experienced interactive storyteller with a degree in Systems Engineering and an MA in Digital Media. She is a classically trained ballerina and an award-winning photographer.
Eduardo Iglesias
Head of Simulation & Analytics
Eduardo has a 1st in Computer Science. When not creating 8-bit sprites for his indie games he's reading comic books and is a Sandman aficionado.
María Torres García
Head of Customer Relations
Maria has a degree in Media & Communication and an MA in New Interactive Media & Multimedia Journalism. Maria is a fan of punk music and Dr. Who.
Oleg Lazutkin
Front-End Developer
Oleg is a Led Zepplin fan and when not bashing the keyboard he’s bashing his 25-piece drum kit.
Andrey Grunyov
Back-End Developer
Andrey’s 14+ years of software development experience positions him as an expert senior developer in backend technologies like .NET and SQL Server. His love of maths is challenged only by his love of Manchester City.
Marta Ruiz Pérez
Creative Consultant
Marta is a Creative Consultant with a degree in Media and Communication and an MA in New Interactive Media and Multimedia Journalism. Her interests lie in transmedia storytelling, videogames and books. She is a trained finswimmer and a Harry Potter lover.
Marco Miranda
Creative Technologist
Marco is a Creative Technologist with a degree in journalism. Prior to software development, he worked for 6 years in Marketing and PR. When he is not coding, Marco is always looking for new TV shows… listing Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory as his favourites.
Amelia Freeman
Crisis Scenario Designer
Amelia is a Crisis Scenario Designer. She has a 1st in American Studies and English Literature and won an award for a paper on female leadership in non-profit organisations, published by Roosevelt University, Chicago. She loves to travel and watch medical dramas in her spare time.
Andrew Osbourne
Business Application Developer
Andrew is a software developer with a 1st in biomedical science. When not working on side projects he loves playing rugby. He also enjoys playing video games to sharpen his strategic thinking.
Elliot Firth
Crisis Scenario Designer
Elliot is a Crisis Scenario Designer. He has an MA in International Relations, with a focus on military and security affairs and nuclear politics. Elliot is a vegetarian, loves dogs, exercise and Lord of the Rings, and enjoys videogames and hiking.
Fernanda Elimelek
Solutions Consultant
Fernanda is a Solutions Consultant with a degree in Advertising and an MA in Business Communications Management. She is passionate about the arts, music and spirituality and may be found deejaying to her friends in her spare time.
Ondrej Palicka
Crisis Scenario Designer
Ondrej is a Crisis Scenario Designer. He holds an MLitt degree in Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia Security Studies. In his free time, he likes to delve into the intricacies of the Arabic language, travel, read, or to play all sorts of games.
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