Make Everyone's Life an Adventure

Crisis simulation

Our mixed reality platform allows you to develop and deploy immersive scenarios faster.


Design, execute and measure interactive experiences that plunge participants into a realistic crisis. While you see the consequences of every decision and interaction in real-time, they must answer emails, give commands and prioritise tasks – as if it’s actually happening.

Simulated social media, email, phone calls and instant messaging make the simulation unfold in a secure, private web application on mobiles, tablets and laptops.

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Conducttr is a brain that powers real-world gaming experiences. It allows you to plug-and-play different systems to provide a seamless real-world audience experience spanning mobile apps, websites, email, SMS and social media.

Conducttr provides the ultimate power to design your experience the way you imagine it – without compromise.

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We can help.

We’re working with the world’s leading innovative companies to deliver interactive experiences that reduce risk, improve staff performance and delight audiences.

Our proven design and implementation process makes you a partner in the development and, because it’s built on Conducttr, it’ll be quicker than you think.

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