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Crisis simulation

Our crisis simulation platform allows you to develop and deploy engaging exercises faster.

Whatever the readiness of your team, we’ve got the solution



Take the first step beyond PowerPoint. Create engaging exercises with just one screen and a meeting room. Your participants experience an unfolding crisis in a seminar-style environment.

Novice teams


Have participants directly interact using their devices. Create multi-channel immersive simulations that allow teams to experience the issue first-hand and to rehearse as they would in a real crisis.

Proficient teams


Turn up the heat with on-demand stress-testing, red teaming and integration to live environments. Exercise experienced teams in the most realistic virtual social media environment for maximum skills building.

Expert teams


Conducttr is available in the cloud or on-premise in Internet-denied environments. Build in the cloud or build on-premise: same software, same superior information environment for team exercises.

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