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Team exercise - Cyber-attack online sim
Hackers. Ransomware. Data theft.
Could you handle a cyber attack? Prepare your business and energise your incident response teams by playing this realistic, immersive cyber-attack team exercise.
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Self-paced – Cyber-attack
Cyber threats and defenses can be simulated and trainees assessed
Play as a Chief Marketing Officer when your company gets hacked.
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Self-paced – Hurricane alert
Would you make the right decision in case of a natural disaster?
Play as owner-manager of a corporate travel management company during hurricane in Florida.
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Self-paced – Product recall
Deal with a major crisis involving consumers and media
Play as communication manager during crisis in which food product is found containing listeria.
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VISA – The Payoff
Play the role of Alex or Jess, two up-and-coming video bloggers who are preparing for a life-changing video competition while managing their finances and handling unexpected events. In the immersive game, developed by Visa, help Alex and Jess make smart financial decisions within the tight three-day deadline and complete their video for the competition.
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