Response to physical climate risks powered by Conducttr
Dentsu evolves its simulations to advance its response to physical climate risks
Dentsu is a leading global advertising and digital marketing agency that stands ‘for lasting good.’ It creates truly sustainable value for the organisations it works with and for the lives of millions. It believes in achieving this through creating new solutions and new beginnings in an ever-changing business environment. It does so through ‘open teaming’, breaking boundaries between 72,000+ talented individuals, spread across the globe, using seamless connectivity and unified technology.
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Adam Barrett, Resilience Director at Dentsu
“We know that validating our response to disruption through exercising is one of the most valuable things we can do. It benefits the organisation as a whole; it truly embeds processes for our business leaders and aids us in refining existing processes in a way that’s second to none. There’s nothing more effective than a response to an incident you’ve already rehearsed. The challenge is keeping up with the increasing proximity of risks and maintaining the frequency, while providing realism and complexity. Conducttr has enabled us to do this.”
Neil Hedley-Smith, Resilience Lead at Dentsu
“Resilience professionals often talk about how hard it is embedding processes and engaging senior leaders, but Conducttr has delivered both at the same time; real engagement from leaders which has allowed us to make measurable progress in our programme.”
Dentsu recognises the importance of resilience to its people and clients. Running the number of scenario exercises the team aspired to across Dentsu’s international operations was challenging.

Dentsu’s international operations are delivered by three service lines and are managed by three geographic regions. Potential incidents could impact a specific geography, a specific service, or could span all global operations, and thus require different leadership engagement. Dentsu needed a way it could quickly adapt exercises to be scoped towards different components of its organisational structure.

The Resilience Team aspire to be ‘best in class’. Their incident response teams needed to reach the next level of maturity in exercising that enabled immersive multi-channel injects, which forced participants to identify ‘signal’ from ‘noise’.

The Team were also well-aware that many of its exercises now need to be remote, bringing new challenges. Participants are often dispersed, video conferencing can limit conversations to one at a time, technical facility reliability is now crucial and remote exercises run the risk of not being immersive.
Conducttr collaborated with Dentsu to quickly identify a solution that would overcome and exceed its challenges. Conducttr provided the ability for Dentsu to create its own exercises, using a virtual desktop, tailored for each participant, available via a web browser, while being facilitated by a dedicated facilitator dashboard.

The solution enabled Dentsu to use popular web-based media services as well as its own custom video and audio files. Conducttr allowed the Team to review real-time data from each participant. Even better, Conducttr’s Pattern-of-Life functionality mean Dentsu can simulate the ebb and flow of real time communications from multiple media channels according to the facilitator, ensuring appropriate pace and challenge through out.
Dentsu Headquarters Building, image by Bernhard Friess, license CC BY-ND 2.0 DEED
A new reality…
Recognising its evolving risk landscape, Dentsu has used Conducttr to validate its leadership teams’ responses to major climate related incidents.

It has enabled the organisation to stress test responses to high likelihood / high impact scenarios that could impact, most importantly, its people and its operations. These are mitigated through its incident management and continuity controls.
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