Supply chain crisis
Rehearse your agility to supply chain disruption
Labour Strike
Sharpen your response
Conducting a supply chain exercise fortifies your supply chain resilience, enhances strategic adaptability, and sharpens decision-making under real-world crisis conditions.

Test your company's agility and crisis management skills with an immersive supply chain disruption simulation - for example, where players navigate a labour strike at the port to ensure consumer goods still reach the market on time.
Negotiate with union leaders on messaging or live face-to-face with role-players via video conferencing or “in real life” with reaction on press and social media (see illustration below).
Players can be asked to prioritise choice of alternative shipping routes. Answers can be automatically assessed and content tailored based on player choice.
Political repercussions
Consumer and public reaction to the strike and the player’s handling of the crisis can play out on social media to add additional pressure. Brand sentiment can be seen in our Social Watch feature and global reactions on the InfoMap feature.
Delays & time jumps
Using our Caption channel, the time that goods have been stuck in port can be communicated for immediate attention on the virtual desktop.
Transport capacity decline
Show changing alternative transport capacity via our online chart channel which can be updated automatically over the exercise period to add realism and additional pressure to make a decision.
A chart displaying how the Conducttr crisis simulation platform can include stakeholder engagement tasks in labour strike crisis exercises.
Stakeholder engagement
Players review stakeholder announcements and media analysis prior to meeting with stakeholders face-to-face.

Stakeholder makes assessment of the meeting which is relayed to EXCON.

Players see the results of the engagement via press and social media reaction inside Conducttr.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.