Humanitarian Organisations
Protect everyone through rigorous rehearsal in a realistic, stressful environment.
Humanitarian Organisations
Practice saves lives.
Protect everyone through rigorous rehearsal in a realistic, stressful environment.
Realistic environment
Use Conducttr to create easy-to-customize, true-to-life simulations for practical decision-making training.
Multilingual & Global
Exercises can be in multiple languages and localisable to support diverse teams around the world.
Coordination Rehearsal
Messaging, coordination, and performance analysis tools for effective internal and external crisis management rehearsal and review.
Conducttr Worlds, an offering which allows crisis simulation to be available globally to ensure that best practices are adopted.
Ensure best practice is adopted globally
Building a simulation exercise and making it available to members and volunteers whether in person or remotely via videoconference ensures best practice is globally distributed.
Pattern of Life, a Conducttr crisis simulation feature which allows exercise facilitators to add and reduce pressure in crisis exercises.
Keep employees safe
Simulate an overwhelming environment so that staff & volunteers are well prepared for hazardous situations. Exercise facilitators can add and reduce pressure on demand using our pattern-of-life feature or multiple events lists.
Various Conducttr crisis simulation features which can be used in exercises to help rehearse the fight for truth amid disinformation.
Protect your reputation
In a crisis, organisations like yours are often the target of disinformation campaigns that impacts your ability to gain trust and reduces support from local people and donors. Our immersive environment allows you to rehearse the fight for the truth. Fighting disinformation protects lives.
Examples of Conducttr capabilities which are used in exercises to practise decision-making skills and develop leadership without authority.
Develop leadership without authority
Conducttr allows you to practice decision-making skills and see the consequences of your actions. Human person-to-person interactions can be easily blended into an exercise.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.