Humanitarian & NGO

Protect everyone through rigorous rehearsal in a realistic, stressful environment.

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Practice saves lives
Ensure best practice is adopted globally
Building a simulation exercise and making it available to members and volunteers whether in person or remotely via videoconference ensures best practice is globally distributed.
Keep employees safe
Simulate an overwhelming environment so that staff & volunteers are well prepared for hazardous situations. Exercise facilitators can add and reduce pressure on demand using our pattern-of-life feature or multiple events lists.
Protect your reputation
In a crisis, organisations like yours are often the target of disinformation campaigns that impacts your ability to gain trust and reduces support from local people and donors. Our immersive environment allows you to rehearse the fight for the truth. Fighting disinformation protects lives.
Develop leadership without authority
Conducttr allows you to practice decision-making skills and see the consequences of your actions. Human person-to-person iteractions can be easily blended into an exercise.
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There are lots of ways to try-before-you-buy. Try Worlds immediately to see the interface, signup for a live public exercise or contact us for a 1-on-1 demo.
Capabilities of possible interest
Simulated social media
Wide range of channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, 4Chan and more.
Multiple MELs
Create a wide range of exercise dynamics to react to trainee actions and readiness using multiple master events lists that can be run sequentially or in parallel.
Pattern of Life
On-demand audience reactions to injects or player actions to simulate real online crowds.
Spoof Engagement
Provide feedback on communications using spoof engagement to simulate when and who likes, shares and comments.
Bring Your Own Map
Upload your KML files and overlay on our InfoMap to see geotagged social media and press activity alongside your geographic points of interest.
Real-time Feedback
Monitor player actions in real-time and adapt the exercise to match their performance.
Impersonation allows anyone to play as any number of stakeholders - reducing the cost and size of exercise control.
Change the course or consequences of the exercise using a wide range of features.
Things you might like to do
Develop situational awareness
Simulating and training for thankfully rare events like terrorist attacks accelerates experience that could save lives. Conducttr allows trainees to practice finding facts from "noisy" information environments following major events where there's an outpouring of witness accounts, opinion and misinformation.
Practice stakeholder engagement
Practice face-to-face negotiation in person or via video/phone and use Conducttr as the digital wrap to collect observer feedback using our assessment toolkit or log channel. Public and private reaction to the outcome of the negotiation can be simulated in the information environment to provide realistic feedback to trainees.
Establish communication plans and action them
Trainees can develop communications plans and then exercise control can monitor if they stick to them. All activity in Conducttr's simulated information space is visible with our Pulse dashboard and can be used to decide when and how much to reward content with reactions using our spoof engagement feature.
Conduct after-action reviews
Conducttr provides observers with a checklist the training objectives and the ability to comment on these and all content created by the training audience. This can be published in a report at anytime during and after the exercise. The report also includes any real-time data pie charts established for the exercise.
Try it now
There are lots of ways to try-before-you-buy. Try Worlds immediately to see the interface, signup for a live public exercise or contact us for a 1-on-1 demo.
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