Insider Threat
Reinforce defence against internal security breaches.
Dark web hustle
Rehearse rogue employee crisis
Simulate a data breach arising from employee selling confidential data on the dark web.

Participants must detect anomalies, investigate leads, contain the breach, communicate effectively, and execute a coordinated response to the insider-instigated data leaks.
Data exfiltration
Send data reporting alerts to a dedicated alerts channel, email or a website and allow players to detect exfiltration. After detection, allow investigation by including MS Office attachments.
Dark web
Show conversations on the dark web where the employee is negotiating the sale of the company’s confidential data.
Incident log management
Use the Help Desk ticketing feature to discuss and assign security incidents.
Use the Slack/Teams simulation to collaborate and share files between people and teams.
Anonymous phone call
Simulate an incoming phone call from a spurned partner who knows the inside story and wants to punish the employee’s indiscretions.
Physical breach
Show CCTV images of out-of-hours or secretive behaviour.
Example CCTV images which can be used as crisis scenario content to enhance insider threat crisis exercises for training audiences.
Corroborate information
Conducttr can send information across multiple channels in a range of formats from CSV files, MS Office docs, PDFs, images, videos, GIFs.

This means players can investigate, share and discuss data & security incidents just as they would in real life.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.