AI Assistance
Generate rich, high-fidelity crisis exercises in minutes.
AI Assistance
Powerful intelligent content creation
Let LISA, our intelligent assistant, help you conquer time pressures and creative blocks. Using a large language model (LLM) artificial intelligence, Conducttr can generate scenarios, content, images and much of whatever you need to create amazing exercises quickly.

You can read more about LISA here.
Conducttr’s Active eXercise System which uses AI to generate both whole crisis scenarios and component for crisis exercises.
Faster scenario generation
Conducttr’s Active eXercise System (AXS) allows clients to use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate whole scenarios or specific components from any concept or news article.

Our Scenario Canvas is a great way to explain and share your scenario and now it can be generated within minutes.
The AI feature of Pattern of Life which allows you to generate credible crisis scenario content in seconds to enhance crisis simulations.
Credible content in seconds
Pattern of Life allows scenario designers to publish content on demand usually from a nominated faction across a wide range of channels. With AI generation, credible help desk tickets, tweets, emails and more can be generated in seconds for delivery at any time during an exercise, usually based on the MEL or training audience (in)activity.
The AI Stack assistant which also allows you to quickly create crisis exercise content in seconds to enhance crisis exercises.
Lightning-fast Content
Any exercise content, including news articles, can be generated in seconds either piecemeal or in bulk.

Fictional media outlets, actors & audiences can be given convincing histories and topical content from a single topic. We’ve taken care of the “prompt engineering” to get the best results so you only need focus on the intent of the content.
The AI image generator which can be used to build images to use as content for crisis simulations, enhancing your crisis exercises.
AI Image Generation
Generate copyright free images that match your scenario right within the scenario editor. And we’ve made it easy by incorporating frequently used styling and lighting choices.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.