Detect and counter deception
Fight manipulation and deception
Train to counter the deliberate spread of false information
Disinformation refers to the intentional creation and sharing of false information, aimed at deceiving and manipulating audiences.

Conducttr provides a high-fidelity synthetic Internet for true-to-life simulation, analysis, monitoring and fighting disinformation.
Target Audience Analysis
Target audience analysis involves understanding demographics, beliefs, and biases to effectively tailor and spread false narratives to influence or manipulate them.

Conducttr allows players to explore the information space to build a detailed picture of audiences and the narratives affecting and resonating with them.
Botnets & astroturfing
Botnets can be easily simulated to quickly spread false information and give the appearance of grassroots support.

Players can use Conducttr’s simulated information operations tools to identify inauthentic behaviour and, if permissions allow, disrupt them.
Information laundering
Information laundering involves the seeding of misleading or false information in underground fringe websites and forums so that it can be picked up by more credible sources with larger reach.

Conducttr can simulate a multitude of websites, forums (private and public), and actors but also importantly allows content date manipulation so that false information can appear to have been published any number of years ago on a set date or with reference to the exercise start date.
Deepfakes are highly realistic fake videos, audio or images used to fabricate people and events.

Use Conducttr to rehearse your preparedness for the release of deepfakes on social media or adversarial media.
Hacking & leaks
Conducttr gives Exercise Control complete freedom to simulate website hacking and data leaks. Please see the Cyber scenario page for more.
Saturation & overload
The frequency and volume of content publication can be controlled on demand and hence allows simulation of aggressive flooding of information channels and hashtag stuffing & hijacking.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.