Defence, Security and Government

Protect society from foreign influence, terrorists and radicalised marginal groups. Conducttr is the best exercising environment for your DIME.

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Perception is reality.
Accelerated experience
Conducttr allows you to exercise as though you were using the real internet but instead you're in a closed, private synthetic environment. You can now practice across a range of operations including Intelligence, MediaOps, PSYOPS, StratCom, Government and Counter-terrorism.
Cognitive domain dominance
Conducttr allows modelling of the human terrain with realistic responses from target audiences that you define, in any language. This makes it ideal for exercising any narrative-base and human-centered scenarios from humanitarian assistance to counter-terrorism, hybrid warfare and joint effects.
Better insights, better outcomes 
We capture every action in the virtual information environment and display it live in a common operating picture. Now you have evidence for Measurement of Activity, Measurement of Performance, and Measurement of Effects (MoE).
Smaller EXCON, lower costs
Our unique exercise control features means fewer people are needed to run realistic exercises for more trainees. Features like impersonation, pattern of life, multiple master events lists, spoof engagement and many more.
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There are lots of ways to try-before-you-buy. Try Worlds immediately to see the interface, signup for a live public exercise or contact us for a 1-on-1 demo.
Capabilities of possible interest
Simulated social media
Publish across a wide range of simulated social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, 4Chan and more
Blend pre-written articles with live journalistic pieces and interviews created during your exercises.
Simulated web search, geotagged social media, social graph.
Target Audience Analysis
Realistic human terrain modelling and simulation
Dynamically updated map with geotagged social media and your own KML layers.
Social Watch
Simulation sentiment analysis and trend alerts for words, phrases and people of interest
Pattern of Life
On-demand audience reactions to injects or player actions to simulate real online crowds.
Multiple MELs
Create a wide range of exercise dynamics to react to trainee actions and readiness using multiple master events lists that can be run sequentially or in parallel.
Things you might like to do
Cyber Attack
Conducttr can simulate breaches of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Websites can be hacked on-demand or master events list inject. Our website details feature allows players to peak behind the website before or after an attack.
Information Laundering
Every press report, scientific article and blog post carries a reference to the writer and a simulated publication date: articles can be "post dated" to show they were published decades ago, yesterday or now. Articles can be linked to social media and vice versa. Websites don't have to be immediately visible and must be be found via our simulated web search
Using our pattern-of-life feature, social media volume, content and sentiment can layered to start a protest from a trickle and ramp up to a torrent. These simulated audiences on social media can be designed with certain dispositions so as to see the effects in our measurement of effects dashboard, Pulse.
Simulated Engagement
Our spoof engagement feature allows those in exercise control with the permission to do so to select a social media post and simulate comments, likes and shares. Depending on the exercise training objectives, this can be done with a simple numerical value or a realistic distribution of engagement from specific actors and audiences.
Try it now
There are lots of ways to try-before-you-buy. Try Worlds immediately to see the interface, signup for a live public exercise or contact us for a 1-on-1 demo.
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