Defence & Security Organisations
Protect everyone through rigorous rehearsal in a realistic, stressful environment.
Defence & Security
Perception is reality
Conducttr is a high-fidelity synthetic information environment designed for a wide range of exercises involving hybrid warfare, information & media operations, StratCom, OSINT, cyber, CIMIC, homeland security, counter-terrorism, and humanitarian disaster relief.
Accelerated experience
Conducttr allows you to exercise as though you were using the real internet but instead you're in a closed, private synthetic environment. You can now practice across a range of operations including Intelligence, MediaOps, PSYOPS, StratCom, Government and Counter-terrorism.
Better insights, better outcomes
We capture every action in the virtual information environment and display it live in a common operating picture. Now you have evidence for Measurement of Activity, Measurement of Performance, and Measurement of Effects (MoE).
Smaller EXCON, lower costs
Our unique exercise control features means fewer people are needed to run realistic exercises for more trainees. Features like impersonation, Pattern of Life, multiple Master Events Lists, spoof engagement and many more.
Cross-platform Integration
You can embed Conducttr links in MS Office documents (e.g. INTSUM products) - which can be communicated outside of the simulated environment - but will direct you to the specific Conducttr content when clicked.
Multidomain Integration
Conducttr interfaces with other synthetic training environments, like VR-Forces, for integrated land, air, sea, space & cyber exercises.
xAPI data export
Exercise activity is collected with the xAPI open specification and can be collected by 3rd party systems for operational analysis.
Information Operations
Revolutionise your information action and intelligence training
Conducttr is the most realistic simulation of the information environment on the planet. Developed in cooperation with and now continuously used by the UK Ministry of Defence’s Joint Information Activities Group (JIAG) and others, we have a unique ability to allow warfighters to actually do their job on exercise as they would in real life except now in a safe, secure, secret, simulated environment.
Realistic channels
Social media channels on Conducttr work like the real social media channels - including ability to schedule and pin tweets, use DMs, share links, investigate social graphs and so on.
Target audience analysis
Conducttr’s human terrain modelling enables target audiences, actors and adversaries to respond realistically to trainee actions, mirroring real-world interactions and complexities.
Simulated Real-world Tools
We offer information analysis tools that simulate the software trainees have in real-life such as Dataminr, BrandWatch, Live UA Maps and such like except these work exclusively on our synthetic internet where you control and observe at will.
Synthetic Internet
Provide your training audience with a social media listening tool to identify influencers, key stakeholders, sentiment, and key hashtags, and design a traceable social graph to identify friends and followers.
An example of Conducttr crisis simulation platform being used for human terrain modelling, simulating a rich environment for analysis.
Human Terrain Modelling
Create a rich cultural, political and social environment for target audience analysis.
Conduct key leader engagement with knowledge gained from simulated online data.
Build a realistic storyworld without visible boundaries.
An example of Conducttr crisis simulation platform being used to deploy a narrative-based crisis simulation for crisis exercising.
Cognitive domain dominance
Conducttr allows modelling of the human terrain with realistic responses from target audiences that you define, in any language. This makes it ideal for exercising any narrative-base and human-centred scenarios from humanitarian assistance to counter-terrorism, hybrid warfare and joint effects.
The virtual desktop showing how the Conducttr crisis simulation platform can be used to mimic various cyber effects in crisis exercises.
Cyber Effects
Websites can be hacked via inject or on-demand; social media accounts can be hijacked. In fact, any cyber effect can be simulated to affect confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.
A view of Conducttr, showing how trainees can search a simulated browser as they would Google, a useful feature for crisis exercises.
Simulated search results
Trainees can search Conducttr’s simulated information environment to find websites and social media as they would on Bing or Google. And search results can be “sponsored” to rank higher, simulating paid search campaigns.
The COP dashboard showing how Conducttr can visualise data to measure IO effects and display crisis exercise information to ExCon.
COP and Measurement of Effects
We offer data visualisations to measure IO effects and display exercise information activity on a Common Operating Picture for EXCON.
Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR)
Realistic crisis response rehearsal
Equip personnel for critical disaster response roles, from hurricane relief to civil affairs, with our dynamic crisis simulation platform. Conducttr allows realistic exercises that foster skills to navigate complex situations, coordinate resources, and engage effectively with affected communities.
Strategic Communication and Public Engagement
Trainees can hone their skills in creating and conveying empathetic messaging across different disaster stages. Focus on audience insight and media use, to craft and share information before, during, and after simulated events. Live face-to-face role-plays with community representatives further enable trainees to rehearse realistically in disaster preparedness and response.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Efficient logistics in disaster relief focuses on procurement, transport, and distribution. Trainees can use Conducttr with maps incorporating KML (Keyhole Markup Language) layers and data visualization charts, enhancing their ability to strategise resource management and navigate complex environments effectively.
Rapid Assessment and Decision Making
Quickly assessing situations and making informed decisions is essential in disaster scenarios, where situational awareness is key. Trainees can assess the disaster's scope, prioritize needs, and allocate resources, adapting to the fluid and unpredictable nature of such relief situations.
Rehearse safely in your own space, away from the prying eyes.
Don’t compromise future operations or breach privacy laws, exercise in Conducttr’s simulated environment.
Conducttr’s synthetic information environment allows intelligence analysts to conduct open-source intelligence and human intelligence investigations.
Media Management
Allow teams to do their job on exercise with fully simulated media response, including social media, press releases, and press conferences, to rehearse public information management and rumour control.
Scenario Diversity
Conducttr can simulate a broad array of terrorism scenarios, from lone-wolf attacks to complex, coordinated operations including bombings and CBRN threats.
A view of the InfoMap displaying how Conducttr can be used for trainees to analyse information across various channels in a crisis exercise.
Cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure
Analyse threats and hazards in an emerging crisis across all information channels and make critical decisions that will shape the exercise. Create GEOINT and other documents to share with government and other partners.
A detailed persona developed in Conducttr, showing how realistic crisis exercise content can be, allowing officers to sharpen their skills.
Recruitment narratives and radicalisation
Allow officers to engage with and dismantle extremist recruitment narratives and radicalization pathways, sharpening the skills needed to effectively identify and intervene in the radicalization process.
An example of how the Conducttr crisis simulation platform can be used to deploy inter-agency crisis exercises to practise communication.
Multi-agency Coordination
Hold joint exercises with other emergency services and government agencies to practice inter-agency communication and coordination.
The Conducttr crisis simulation assessment toolkit, displaying how exercise directing staff can assess players during a crisis exercise.
Assessment toolkit
Conducttr allows multiple real-time observations of player behaviour and customisable measurement schema to allow exercise directing staff to assess & compare players during an exercise.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.