Differentiate yourself and delight clients.
Our technology, your wisdom.
Don't let “we exercise with PowerPoint” be the reason you don’t win the next RFP. With Conducttr, you'll captivate clients and energize your team, ensuring you stand out in every pitch.

Conducttr gives you a multitude of opportunities of show off your consulting skills. Let us do the technology, you do the advice.
Competitive advantage
Differentiate your services with engaging, realistic exercises that showcase your knowledge and wow clients
Client Engagement and Retention
Leverage Conducttr for continuous client engagement, transforming yearly interactions into a consistent exchange of value for improved retention.
Reputation enhancement
If you want to be seen as a leader in crisis management or crisis communications consulting, you need cutting-edge solutions to demonstrate it.
The styling page in the scenario editor, showing how Conducttr can be branded as your exercise platform.
Fully white-labelled
Brand our technology as your exercise platform - there’s lots of scope to apply colours and styling to suit your organisation or the client’s.
A view of content in the Conducttr crisis simulation platform, showing how you’re in control of what you include in your crisis exercise.
You’re in control
Build and run exercises whenever and for whoever - it’s our technology but it’s your exercise platform.
The Conducttr virtual desktop displaying a fictional journal article, content which can be crafted to enhance realism of crisis exercises.
Massive ROI
You’re a professional advisor, not a software developer.

With our unlimited usage plans you can make such huge returns on the price of the subscription it makes solid commercial sense to go with Conducttr.
The COP dashboard in Conducttr, displaying how clients can be given actionable insights based on crisis exercise outcomes and performance.
Data-driven insights
Give clients actionable insights and help them make smart choice with our detailed exercise analytics and reports on exercise outcomes and performance.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.