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Entry-level licence for immersive training. Dove is the base package and includes everything you need to run immersive crisis simulations and is best suited to scripted exercises because it lacks the live exercise features of the other licences.
Realistic on-demand content publishing. Raven provides all of the Dove features plus enhancements for greater productivity and realism.
Participant exploration and role-playing. Hawk includes all the features of Raven plus enhancements providing participants with greater freedom to explore role-play and investigate social media.
Enhanced social media capabilities. Osprey includes all the features of the other licences plus real-time simulated social media listening with sentiment analysis, ability to spoof engagement and geo-tagged social content on geographic map.
Assessment Toolkit
The Assessment Toolkit is a feature available for all licences that allows human observers to make quantitative assessments about the behaviour of the training audience. The price is £3500 plus VAT.
Larger Exercises
The 30 person and 40 person limitations on the above licences are purely commercial and not technical limitations. If you’d like to run exercises with more people, please contact us for pricing. Daily and weekly extensions can be given to any base licence.
Our Conducttr Local solution is designed for Internet-forbidden exercises and environments and can run from a dedicated laptop server or Conducttr LocalVM runs in your private cloud. Please contact us for pricing.
Design & Implementation
Working with your subject matter expert we can build engaging exercises for you. We can then either maintain the exercise for you while you run it throughout the year or we can hand over the project files for you to reuse, adapt and maintain.
Several training courses are available in scenario design, use of the facilitator dashboard & 1-day getting started with your exercise.
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