Four primary licences for team and collective training
All you can eat
An annual subscription allows you to run as many exercises as you like, all year long. The cap on participants is purely a commercial limit and if you need more players in your exercise, just ask and we’ll provide a custom quote.

Each licence offers a step-up in functionality designed to suit different levels of ambition and realism.

Pricing for Worlds, Training and Professional Services are available on request.
Entry-level licence for immersive training. Dove is the base package and includes everything you need to run immersive crisis simulations and is best suited to scripted exercises because it lacks the live exercise features of the other licences.
Realistic on-demand content publishing. Raven provides all of the Dove features plus enhancements for greater productivity and realism.
Participant exploration and role-playing. Hawk includes all the features of Raven plus enhancements providing participants with greater freedom to act as they would in real life.
Osprey is for full simulation of the information environment with maximum flexibility during live exercises to adapt to player actions. Includes outstanding features like InfoMap and Social Watch for enhanced OSINT and social listening capabilities.
Only what you need
The tables below shows which features are available with each licence. The four licences presented here are for team exercises. Please contact the account team for details of Colibri (self-paced microsimulations) and Worlds (corporate-wide exercise hub).

We have a lot of features to present, so we’ve had to bunch them into categories!
Core Features
  • Main platform
  • Video
  • Enhancements
  • Branding
  • Artificial intelligence
Synthetic Internet
  • Websites
  • Cyber effects
  • Player tools
Social Media
  • Channels
  • Engagement
  • Tools
Facilitation & Observation
  • Measurement & Review
  • Exercise Control
Core Features
Main Platform Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
Participants per session (for more please contact us) 30 40 40 40
Scenario Editor to write your own exercises, Virtual Desktop to experience crises, Facilitator Dashboard to control the exercise.
Scenario editor

The scenario editor is where you create your own exercises. Create as many exercises as you need and develop libraries of content, personas and styles for even faster exercise creation.
Virtual desktop

This is the Conducttr web application via which participants access the exercise. Runs in any HTML5 browser like Chrome or Edge.
Facilitator dashboard

This is where a facilitator controls the pacing of the exercise, branching and more. Full capabilities are dependent on the licence and detailed in other sections below.

Conducttr offers a wide range of simulated channels including email, twitter, facebook, instagram, messenger, websites and more. Channel range and features vary by licence and are detailed in other sections below.
Media pop-up

Breaking news videos and images can be made to go full screen at key moments to stress important updates.
Video Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
Basic video

You may add URLs from popular services such as Youtube, Flowplayer and Vimeo.
Conducttr Video - Upload via Scenario Editor

MP4 files can be directly uploaded to Conducttr and we host them. Video is streamed and rate-adapted depending on available bandwidth when played to the Virtual Desktop.

Overcomes concerns about hosting videos on YouTube and access issues where companies have blocked YouTube. More productive to upload directly to media library rather than via external video site. Excellent picture quality.
Conducttr Video - Upload via Virtual Desktop

Players can upload videos via the Virtual Desktop.
Enhancements Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
MS Office attachments

Allows scenario editor & virtual desktop to upload & attach MS Office documents. Other licences are limited to PDF attachments. Allows players to work on MS Office documents and share during the exercise. Increases the realism of the exercise if information is usually passed in MS Office documents.
TeamChat Plus

Integrated instant messaging service that works in a similar way to Slack or Microsoft Teams. Better collaboration between training audience
Messenger Plus

This platform, similar to Whatsapp, allows exercise participants to instantly message each other and impersonate exercise personas. Designers can also send injects to the channel adding more realism to your exercises
Messenger Plus Groups

Create groups for participants in the Scenario Editor or on-the-go in the Messenger Plus channel, making exercises more collaborative and efficient
Branding Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
Custom URL and your own styling.
Fully white-labelled (so you can present Conducttr as your own simulation platform).
Artificial Intelligence assistance Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
AI-generated scenario develop (via AXS)

Start with a link to a news article or your own scenario and our AI assistant will generate scenario, identify the stakeholders and list the data you’ll need.
AI-generated injects from serial text

You write what happens in this serial and the AI will generate injects for you to approve or modify.
Al-generated text and images

Enter the topic and our AI-assistant will write the email, help ticket, news article, tweet and so on!
Al-generated pattern-of-life

Create a full stack of content for tweetstorms and other activity (see Pattern of Life below)
Synthetic Internet
Website Simulation Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
SIMPRESS and player websites

Allows players to create and edit news articles across a wide range of corporate and media organisations, and blogs. Perfect for exercises where players are expected to publish content as they would in real life.
Internet search simulation

Provides simulated search across internally-published websites sites. Websites can start the exercise undiscovered. Supports boolean searches (OR, AND). Finds websites and social posts. Creates realistic information environment to allow training audience to practice finding information.
Paid promotion and search ranking

Websites can be designed to rank in a priority order. They can also be ranked top with a paid promotion. The paid promotion is indicated in the search results. This allows simulation of search advertising campaigns.
Address bar

Websites show a configurable, simulated URL with http or https (simulated SSL). This allows tests for phishing and such like where players must be careful about what they click. URLs are embeddable and sharable across Conducttr channels.
Browser tab configuration

Website channel browser tabs can be configured to be open or closed at the start of an exercise and player is able to drag and drop to organise. This makes web usage more realistic and familiar.
Also see “Cyber Effects” below
Cyber Effects Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
Website hack by scripted inject

In exercises where a website needs to be taken offline but has not been planned for, exercise control can “hack”' or otherwise disable the website.
Live, unexpected website hack

In exercises where a website needs to be taken offline but has not been planned for, exercise control can “hack”' or otherwise disable the website.
Simulated integrity issues

Website content can be defaced and altered to simulate data integrity security issues.
Website details

Allows additional “hidden” details to be associated with a website such as Who.Is or SimilarWeb data, browser console, web application scan.
Link details on hover

Ideal of phishing campaigns, players can hover on a link to see the underlying simulated URL
Real-time link click activity

All website link clicks are reported in real-time to the facilitator dashboard in the Review feed. This allows tracking of “bad” link clicks and which player clicked them.
Player Tools Dove Raven Hawk Osprey

Allows the scenario designer and exercise control to assign a GPS location to personas and consequently display social media posts and press articles on a geographic map. Map content can be filtered by search term or drawing regions of interest. Simulates real-world software that players may have access to in their jobs.
Social Watch

Social media monitoring dashboard that works on data from the simulated social media channels just as the real social monitoring tools do in the real world. Provides sentiment analysis on live published content. Scripted content can also be auto-analysed for sentiment or manually fixed. Allows training audience to practice identification of trends and influencers.
Help Desk

Conducttr provides a full help desk emulation, allowing teams to respond to support tickets during incidents and crises as they might in real-life.
Social Media
Social Media - Core Dove Raven Hawk Osprey

Use our social media as your would in your job - pin tweets, schedule tweets, publish rich media like GIFs and video.

All social media posts can be liked, shared, commented on and in the case of some social platforms, voted down.

Allows exercise control to publish content on demand in addition to master events list. Simulate crowd reactions such as twitterstorms, simulate stream of angry emails! Greater productivity due to portability of content, greater live exercise control due to activation on demand.
Social Media - Enhanced Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
Reply to DMs

Direct messages on Twitter can be simulated by role-players pretending to be stakeholders to which players can respond directly.
Spoof Engagement

This feature allows Excon to change the number of likes, shares and comments on any social media content. Enhances realism of the information environment, improves feedback to training audience and measurement of effects.
Engagement Plus

Upload timed replies and likes to a specific Twitter post. Take realism to the next level by automating engagement and showing who is engaging with a specific post.
Social Graph

Allows exercise designers to create realistic social networks of followers and influencers; and allows training audience to follow and unfollow. Realistic information environment allowing training audience to practice discovery and investigation.
State-sponsored and other platform captions

Conducttr allows you to add platform messages to Twitter content - making it possible to flag content as state-sponsored, promoted, fact-checked and so on.
Social Plus

These are additional social media channels only available on Osprey: Telegram, Reddit, 4Chat, Weibo, VK.
Facilitation & Observation
Measurement and Review Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
Real-time Data

Scenario Editor allows designer to add pre-defined data capture points for real-time updating in facilitator dashboard on timeline and as pie charts. There is also a real-time feed of player communications on email, social media and websites (if allowed by the licence).

Intended for observers to confirm completion of training objectives but can be used in other ways too.
After-action Review

Allows observer comments to be recorded on any content and checklist item live while exercises is running. Results are send in exported data and after-action review report Contemporaneous observations provide better feedback and the AAR report saves time delivering feedback

Allows observer comments to be recorded on any content and checklist item live while exercises is running. Results are send in exported data and after-action review report. Greater visibility of how players are performing during a live exercise. Can be used to provide a Common Operating Picture (COP) for the information environment.
Assessment Toolkit - Paid Add-on (see below)

This feature available for all team licences (excludes Colibri) but is a paid enhancement to allow human observers to make quantitative assessments about the behaviour of the training audience. Exercise designers can design own schema of observable behaviours and how these map to capabilities. Results are shown as a radar diagram to easily visualise expected capability to actual performance.
Exercise Control Dove Raven Hawk Osprey
Master Events List

Injects are published according to the time set by the exercise designer. Publication can be paused and fast-forwarded by the facilitator during the exercise.
Multiple Master Events Lists

Allows for multiple events list to be run independently of each other. Provides facilitator a solution for branching and additional storylines.

Allows exercise control to publish content on demand in addition to master events lists. Simulate crowd reactions such as twitterstorms, simulate stream of angry emails! Greater productivity due to portability of content, greater live exercise control due to activation on demand.

Allows players with the right permissions to send and receive messages from any number of personas. Provides flexibility for exercise control to cover a range of key stakeholders and can reduce cost of staffing many active role-playing characters. Also used to allow players access to key social media accounts and email inboxes.
Live Persona Management

During an exercise, allows exercise control to find and update most persona details such as who can impersonate them, their location, disposition and social media account activation/deactivation.
Sold Internationally
The prices shown below are for Cloud delivery of our four team exercise licences. Please contact us for prices on Conducttr Local our premise-based solution for Defence exercises.

All sales are based on a minimum of 1 year subscription and include free 1 hr training for any scenario designer building exercises.

All prices shown are exclusive of sales tax and withholding tax which will be applied in addition.
US$ 8,379
US$ 13,524
US$ 18,669
US$ 23,814
Assessment Toolkit
Available with any licence US$ 5,145+ any applicable taxes.

Paid addition to any team licence (Dove, Raven, Hawk, Osprey)
Larger exercises
The 30 person and 40 person limitations on the above licences are purely commercial and not technical limitations. If you’d like to run exercises with more people, please contact us for pricing. Daily and weekly extensions can be given to any base licence
Conducttr Local is our on-premises solution running on VMWare for defence and security clients. It is designed to work away from the public Internet on a secure private network. It is not intended for corporate use. Please contact us for pricing.