Natural Disasters
Rehearse for catastrophic natural events
Severe natural event
Prepare for nature’s anger
Natural disasters can strike with little warning, causing widespread devastation and testing the preparedness and response capabilities of organisations and agencies.

Conducttr allows you to rehearse for catastrophic events with participants having to develop a situational awareness, coordinate a response and communicate with stakeholders.
Situational awareness
Analyse information across a range of sources from press, social media, emergency services and other agencies. Identify impacted geographic areas and track changes in real-time as they happen.
Evacuation orders
Issue evacuation orders, coordinate safe resident evacuations to shelters, and prioritise resources, medical assistance, and the welfare of vulnerable people.
Combat disinformation by verifying and disseminating accurate information through official channels, educating the public on reliable sources, and monitoring social media for false rumours and misleading content.
Medical surge
Send real-time updates on casualty numbers and locations. Have players prioritise patients based on severity, available resources, and treatment. Use medical data to decide on patient care, transportation and hospital assignments.
Communication and Coordination
Players must leverage the information environment for seamless communication with healthcare entities, emergency services, and relief organisations while providing accurate information to the public, media, and other stakeholders.
Secondary hazards
Conducttr allows Exercise Control to perfectly pitch the stress-levels of the exercise by introducing (or not) secondary hazards. This might include the introduction of waterborne disease outbreaks or post-disaster fires - testing the capacity of players to adapt and respond in more demanding circumstances.
Example earthquake maps, showing the range of crisis scenario content which can be added to enhance your crisis exercise for trainees.
Maps and data visualisation
Conducttr offers a range of channels to communicate the extent and impact of a natural disaster including geolocated social media & alerts, dynamically-updated bar and line charts and dynamic graphics that can be updated as the scenario evolves.

Maps can be tailored to your needs. For example, country and place names can be turned off for fictional worlds and KML layers used to geolocate important resources and points of interest.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.