Hybrid Warfare
Countering Grey Zone Conflict and Hybrid Tactics
Military, Information, Diplomacy, Financial, Intelligence, Economics, Law, Development
Hybrid warfare represents a complex blend of conventional military tactics, irregular tactics, and cyber warfare strategies, often combined with other influencing methods such as fake news, diplomacy, and economic pressure.

Conducttr works across corporate, Government and defence & security sectors to provide the ideal solution for hybrid warfare crisis exercises and wargaming.
Hybrid warfare can combine official state military forces with non-state actors, such as militias, private military companies, or proxy forces. Conducttr supports this aspect on exercises with maps, private forums, resource management.
Conducttr supports realistic media and social media simulation to create, distribute, and monitor the impact of propaganda, disinformation, and counter-information campaigns. Cyber is also supported - see our Cyber scenario page for more details.
Diplomacy can be represented in Conducttr across a broad range of activities from DIPTELs to negotiations. SMEs such as former diplomats can easily role-play from anywhere in the world, making them more accessible and exercises more credible. Our impersonation feature allows subject matter experts to respond across multiple personas, reducing the cost of exercises and extending their expertise.
Tracing and disrupting financial networks, freezing assets, and understanding the financial underpinnings of state and non-state actors is possible via a variety of channels and means depending on training objectives.
Conducttr fully supports the analysis and dissemination of intelligence for decision-making. Trainees can study both state and non-state actors, reporting on their capabilities and intentions. Conducttr's synthetic environment, including social media profiles and posts, integrates with external systems through ABOVE SECRET INTSUMS. Clicking on URLs in these reports will access the linked synthetic data, mirroring real-life information access.
Economics in a hybrid warfare exercise means implementation and observation of the effects of sanctions, trade embargoes, and aid packages - including “debt diplomacy”. Conducttr supports wargaming to explore how states might react to these effects.
Lawfare is strategic use of legal systems and international law to achieve military or political objectives, often involving the manipulation or exploitation of legal norms.

Conducttr allows collaboration with legal advisers as well as distribution of legal rulings and displaying the impact of legal & regulatory outcomes.
Development refers to the strategic use of aid, infrastructure projects, economic investments, and social programs as tools to achieve state strategic objectives to influence, stabilize, or destabilize specific regions or populations. Conducttr supports this in exercises through messaging channels, impersonation of stakeholder by SMEs and human terrain modelling to show realistic population reactions to development initiatives.
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