Modern Reputational Risks
Navigating social & technological change
Modern Reputational Risks
Gain valuable insights into industry trends for the increasingly complex challenge of brand reputation management in the face of rising threats like employee activism and cyber attacks.

Our survey of Communicatons & Public Relations leaders reveals that 78% feel protecting their brand's reputation has become unmanageable. Employee actvism is seen as the second biggest threat to brand reputation, behind only cyber attacks.

Report Sections:
  • Key findings
  • The changing threat landscape
  • Managing brand reputation
  • Finding the solution
The modern reputational risk report, a resource which highlights some inspiration for your own crisis exercises.
About this resource
The report highlights some interesting findings and presents some news items that could be useful as inspiration for your own exercises.

For example: Over two-thirds (77%) of respondents believe that their brand is now at risk from activists or conspiracy theorists.

And, just under half (43%) say new threats posed by deepfakes and social media pose the biggest challenge to managing their brand's reputation and 31% think new threats posed by disinformation are a top challenge.