Transforming Crisis Exercises with AI
Insights and Strategies
Transforming Crisis Exercises with AI
Understand in 5 minutes the attitudes and perceptions of crisis management and preparedness professionals towards AI. This study discusses how AI has revolutionised crisis management training by saving time in exercise creation, enhancing realism, and improving participant engagement.

Our survey of Conducttr newsletter subscribers reveals the majority verdict is AI improves the speed of exercise creation and enhances realism.

Report Sections:

  • Key findings
  • Speedy exercise creation
  • Elevating realism, Elevating engagement
  • Insightful analytics, Exercise Intelligence
  • Overcoming barriers of adoption
  • Wider use of AI
  • Conclusion and Future Directions
About this resource
The study dives into how AI influences crisis exercises, offering plenty of actionable insights. From crafting crisis scenarios with AI to leveraging it for increased realism and engagement, there's a lot to take away.

Moreover, it points out the importance of using AI for exercise debriefs. It's a handy resource for grasping the entire crisis exercise creation right from ideation to post exercise data-analysis.