BCI Extreme Weather & Climate Change Report 2023
How climate affects business
BCI Report
Reassuringly, many survey respondents found exercising on a realistic crisis exercising platform like Conducttr one of the most effective ways to bring these issues to life and hence get budget holders and senior management to act. This is because a good, interactive scenario forces players to be inside the eye of the storm and see firsthand how those“hidden” risks will impact the business in possibly unexpected ways.

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The BCI extreme weather & climate change report 2023, a resource that shows how climate affects business. Useful crisis scenario inspiration
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Note that it’s important we think beyond the weather to second and third order effects which lead to political instability, economic turbulence, and conflict. The decline of the Maya civilization between the 8th and 10th centuries is commonly attributed to prolonged droughts which led to warfare. So, it’s not just the prospect of flooding or wildfires we need to worry about, it’s also civil disobedience, disinformation, staff absenteeism and supply chain disruption caused by people reacting to climate fears.

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