Build immersive, personalized experiences anywhere:
online, in real life... and in between.

  • Alternative Reality Games (ARGs)

    Alternative Reality Games (ARGs)

    Create replayable, managable ARGs that don’t take over your life.

    Games can be run for thousands of players, internationally in multiple languages.

    Collaborate with other creators and games masters.

    Print projects in familiar script report formats for client approval.

  • Social TV

    Social TV

    Create integrated experiences across social media, mobile and web.

    Combine interactive multiplatform storytelling with marketing automation to optimize brand integration with advertisers.

    Provide cross-platform personalized exclusive content, coupons and catch-up/story-so-far content based on interactivity, auto-watermarking and scheduled release.

  • Immersive Theatre

    Immersive Theatre

    Engage audiences ahead, during and beyond your live events using interactive, participatory storytelling.

    Provide audiences with an in-world sign-up process that collects their contact details and introduces the world without breaking immersion.

    Blend theatrical and digital performances by connecting audiences to actors and actors to interactive content.

  • Training Simulations

    Training Simulations

    Deliver team-based and multi-site simulations that feel like the real thing.

    Create dynamic scenarios that respond to participant decisions.

    Create time-sensitive experiences that run anywhere between 2hrs to 2 years – capturing data on individual and team dynamics while you’re free to do other things.

    Use information asymmetry to test team dynamics and send different information to different participants depending on their team role.

    Click to watch Crisis Management case study

  • Web Series

    Web Series

    Acquire new audiences and retain the ones you have by extending the storyworld beyond video and onto other platforms.

    Offer personalized story-so-far and catch-up content based on progress through the series

    Call your audience to action with “flock-to-unlock”, reward them with points, badges and other rewards.

  • Educational Games

    Engage students in exciting new ways with games and interactive stories that develop cognitive, social, emotional and ethical skills.

    Create team-based simulations that require students to collaborate by sending different information to each team role.

    See our project Cosmic Voyage Enterprises.

  • Visitor Experiences

    Visitor Experiences

    Connect on-site experiences with online and social media to excite visitors ahead of their visit.

    Offer an integrated web & mobile “passport” for visitors to collect points, badges, video, audio, PDFs and more – rewarding visitors for registration, exploration and loyalty.

    Track visitor progress through site locations and use this to inform your experience design and improve engagement.

  • Feature Films

    Feature Films

    Use interactive storytelling to expand creative concepts and issues – going deeper into the stories inside the movie to create engagement and buzz.

    Build an audience database and schedule the right information to the right people at the right time. Automate requests for information with pre-scripted replies for frequent and anticipated enquiries.

    Integrate screenings into your storytelling and your marketing.

  • Mobile App Marketing

    Mobile App Marketing

    See audience acquisition on social media, SMS and email as an entertaining extension of the app.

    Drive marketing engagement by creating communications triggered by app data and user behavior.

    Plan campaigns using Conducttr’s Channel Planner to see what’s happen when on what platform.