WALK – solutions for proficient teams

Deliver hands-on multi-channel simulations.


Build fully-functioning teams with exercises that require communication, collaboration and trust.


Features for active team training



– Virtual desktop –

First-person view of crisis

Players log into a virtual desktop with all the familiar channels they’ll use in a real crisis: channels like email with shared inbox, instant messaging, decision log, social media, websites and more.

Because it’s web-based, players can take part anywhere in the world there’s internet. And remember that nothing leaves your private, secure virtual environment – it’s all self-contained and exclusive to you.


– Train for a team performance –

Organize in teams, roles and positions

Rehearse teams to deal with each other and bring them together. Don’t wait for a real crisis to discover your team is a mess of personalities and conflicting priorities.

Easily replicate your organization so that content is delivered to the right people at the right time: See how the team deals with scarcity of information, conflicting information and information overload.



– Real-time data monitoring –

Track every player’s reponse

Provide better feedback sooner by seeing reactions and reaction times at a glance.
Player actions are visualized in real time as pie charts and timelines and all open text responses to emails, social media and such like are journaled for immediate review and post-exercise download. 


– Create a log of decisions –

Accountability rehearsal

The decision log channel allows important note-taking rehearsal for when there’s a real crisis and the team is legally accountable for actions taken.



experiential learning suite - MEL

– Facilitator dashboard –

Full exercise control

The facilitator dashboard offers insight and control over when and what content is published during an exercise – allowing you to fine tune exercises as while they’re live.
Real-time data on player actions are displayed as pie charts, timeline and activity feed. Use the data to decide when to “fast forward” through injects, slow them down, skip completely or jump backwards or forwards to parts of an exercise most relevant at that time.
Check out the dashboard’s full capabilities here.


– Social media simulation-

Show how the world react

Our social media simulation allows participants to visualize public sentiment, reply to angry customers, deal with trolls, and dig deeper to investigate profiles and followers. They can set up their own monitoring dashboard with Social Watch.
Stop mocking up Tweets and Facebook posts in photoshop and instead just publish your content in the relevant channel and see it rendered as it would be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – and then allow players to reply to posts as they would in real life.

free crisis content library

– A free content library –

Increase engagement with realistic assets

If you want to create exercises fast, you can use Ventura, our library of free crisis content: breaking news clips, audios for calls, stax of tweets, news articles, personas… All the assets you need for a realistic simulation readily available for you to use.



Check out our free content library

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Too complex? Or too easy? Look for a different team set-up


Take the first step beyond PowerPoint. Create engaging exercises with just one screen and a meeting room. Your participants experience an unfolding crisis in a seminar-style environment.

Novice teams


Turn up the heat with on-demand stress-testing and integration to live environments. Blend your live incident system with Conducttr social media simulation for the ultimate live exercises.

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