Quick-Start Guide

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Welcome to the first lesson for Conducttr. This step-by-step training tutorial will guide you through the process of creating an interactive story in Conducttr using text messaging. As you go through the tutorial, you’ll discover the primary aspects of the Conducttr interface and you will become familiar with the basic functionality.

Remember you can check out our online courses at Udemy to explore different levels of Conducttr. You can also go to our Forum to ask questions, post comments, and check out all the inspiration and training materials available.

The User Journey

In this tutorial we will help you create a simple interactive story in which the audience will help the character Alice to escape from a huge rabbit hole.

The Audience will see a call to action on Twitter, which will invite them to help Alice to escape. The tweet will ask the audience to send a text message to a specific number with the word ESCAPE so they can start the interactive journey.


  1. Broadcast tweet with call to action: Text the word ESCAPE to help Alice.
  2. Audience texts the word ‘Escape’ and receives a Thank you message, and a riddle. The audience will only have one chance to answer correctly.
  3. If the audience answers correctly, they receive the second riddle.
  4. Alice will be free if the audience answers the second question correctly.
  5. If the audience fails to answer (at any time), then an Evil creature captures Alice and makes her its prisoner. This Evil creature will text the audience and surprise them with a phone call.



Preparing for the project


Make sure you’re on a desktop computer, you have a modern browser – we recommend Firefox – and you have the latest version of Flash: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


Since this project uses text messaging, you need to create a Twilio account.

Go to https://www.twilio.com/ and create a free account.

With the creation of your account, you will get a free mobile number, which is the one you will use for your project.

Create a project with Conducttr

The first step to create interactive stories with Conducttr is to create a new project.

For this:


  • Type the name of the project – Help Alice – and don’t select any template (for the propose of this exercise)


  • Click Create.

NOTE: If this is the first time you open Conducttr, you will find the Conducttr Walkthrough. Go through this walkthrough if you want to learn about the different panels of Conducttr and get familiar with the interface. You can stop the walkthrough whenever you want.

Also, note that you can go directly from the Walkthrough to the Author Guide, the Support Forum, and Udemy courses.


Creating your Character, Alice

Your story is told to the world through your Characters. In this example, Alice is the main character of the story, which will communicate with your audience through Twitter and text messaging (SMS).

The first thing you need to do is to create the character Alice, and give her a Twitter account and a Phone number.

In this example, we’ll first create the two channels for the character and build all the logic of the project, so we will deal with the configuration of the accounts at the end of the exercise.


  • Navigate to Menu > View > Characters.
  • In Characters, click the Plus button to add a new character.


  • Type the name of the character, add a profile picture (you can find it in the folder Assets of the workshop) and indicate a date of birth if you want.


  • Click the Save

Once your character is saved, you can add any accounts that you want.

Twitter Account

  • Go to the tab accounts and click on the Plus button to add an account for Alice.


  • Select Twitter: