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TeamXp delivers life-like, hands-on training to sharpen your team’s critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills – anywhere


Coordination and speed are key for successful emergency response. Keep your team always at their peak performance using immersive training.

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Cyber attacks, natural disasters, product recalls, broken supply chain… Train your team to keep your business running and recovering even when crisis strikes.

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A simple tweet can destroy a reputation. Make sure that your team knows how to handle a communications crisis through realistic training.

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Blend digital and physical to explore ways to face new challenges. Visual insights, map counters and adjudication to make your wargames more effective

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Dave Cope, Crisis Manager for Vodafone Group Corporate Security explains why he uses
Conducttr TeamXp

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“Conducttr TeamXp makes our training more immersive and realistic and that means
trainees are better prepared for their jobs”




Test, train, inform and engage using immersive storytelling.

TeamXp is a versatile software platform that allows anyone to deliver
engaging, interactive experiences for individuals and teams, self-paced and instructor-led.


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