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The free Conducttr account is for evaluation purposes and is not to be used for commercial use. A watermark will appear on the web application so long as your account is set to “free”. The watermark is removed when you upgrade your license.
Your evaluation can last as long as you wish and all the scenarios you create are yours to keep and can be used when you upgrade to a paid licence. The free account gives you access to all the features of the Ospray licence except with a limitation on the number of players you can use.
Immersive experiences that feel like real life
Conducttr is a first-person interactive experience that plunges you into an immersive scenario. You see the consequences of every decision and interaction in real-time and must answer emails, give commands and prioritise tasks – just as you would in real life.
Conducttr works through simulated social media, email, phone calls, and instant messaging which is presented in a secure, private web application on mobiles, tablets, and laptops. You create scenarios yourself – through a simple drag and drop interface – so you can test employees on specific threats to your business.
Start creating realistic exercises today
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