The Chatsfield

Harlequin Mills & Boon

Engaging interactive storytelling delivers a points-based customer loyalty scheme

Promising style, spectacle and scandal, the Chatsfield is an immersive storyworld built around a fictional hotel and the family & employees that run it.


Jessie Loe is a fun-loving personal assistant (PA) and hub of all communications at The Chatsfield hotel in London. Her story of trying to stay single for three months is told in a 36 episode web series on YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr.

As a PA, Jessie receives many emails from various Chatsfield characters and the audience is invited to eavesdrop on her inbox as it builds hourly in near real time for 12 weeks of season one. Jessie’s Inbox is viewable via the Chatsfield website and is powered by Conducttr’s Inventory feature which allowed the storyworld creator, Alison Norrington, to schedule content for publication from the various characters in many conversation threads.

While most of Jessie’s Inbox is publically available without registration, guests who do register gain access to the Bond folder – content that’s personalized to each individual based on how they make progress through a multiplatform interactive mystery.

Daniel Northman is the dashing barman with a secret past and Jessie invites the audience to explore his past and unravel the mystery as to why he’s at the hotel. Guests email, text, tweet and hunt the internet for various clues and people that unlock his story. Conducttr plays the role of more than 10 characters in the Chatsfield world and uses this to personalize automated, scripted replies and track which characters are the most popular.

Guests can see themselves making progress with rising VIP points and badges gained through interaction with characters, on social media and the Lounge (a private video platform that integrates with Conducttr via our API). All badges and points are created and managed inside Conducttr without coding and delivered to the website for display. Guests also have a Safe Deposit Box – again, managed by Conducttr’s Inventory feature – which contains updated current objectives and a dynamic directory of character contact details, both personalized to the guest and updated at certain progress milestones.

The Chatsfield has more than 650 pieces of content spread across YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, email and SMS & phone calls. Conducttr provides Harlequin Mills & Boon with a single view of all multi-platform activity.