The BCI – Cyber-attack simulation

The Business Continuity Institute

Hackers. Ransomware. Data theft. How would you react? Train your business continuity team with our immersive simulation.

Could you handle a cyber attack? Prepare your business and energise your incident response teams by playing this realistic, immersive cyber-attack team exercise.

In this immersive cyber-hacking exercise created for The Business Continuity Institute, trainees play different roles in the crisis management team of the fictitious company Purple Day, which is experiencing increasingly serious technical difficulties and customer access problems.

As the simulation unfolds, your crisis management skills will be put to the test. You will face several choices to try and control the situation, and your decisions will impact the progression of the scenario. This is a business continuity exercise designed to encourage critical thinking and crisis management skills, highlighting the importance of the decisions made in a crisis and how they impact the wider organisation.

Ransomware attack

The experience is run by a facilitator who controls the pace of the exercise and monitors the decisions and actions of the players. The facilitator should be knowledgeable enough to provide feedback on the team’s performance and their choices.

You can play this now in our Demo section.

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