Ruby Skye PI

Jill Golick for Story 2.OH

Mystery web series and TV show for teens that extends to interactivity and activism

An award-winning kid-driven family-friendly multi-platform detective series about a teenage girl who finds mysteries wherever she looks and her need to solve them

ruby skye pi - award

Ruby Skye lives in a world filled with mysteries. She’s a teen detective – a resourceful and determined individual whose curiosity leads her into mysterious, funny and exciting situations.

The primary channel for Ruby Skye PI is an award-winning web series (soon to be TV show) around which audiences can interact with characters via Facebook, email and SMS.

The storyworld of Ruby Skye PI extends to multiple in-world websites such as the O’Deary Library, owned by character Ava O’Deary, the Tumblr for The Mint Chip Girls all-girl rock band and the blog for Ruby’s geeky sister Hailey.

In addition to creating an immersive storyworld, the three websites are examples of how the fictional story blends with real-world issues, encouraging predominantly teen girls to get interested in books and reading, to end gender inequality and promote women’s rights and encourage an interest in science and technology.

While watching the web series, audiences are invited to examine the clues that Ruby finds on her hunt for Ava O’Deary’s will. Audiences are not obliged to complete the puzzles but this interactive layer adds additional engagement around the linear, broadcast medium of the videos.


Interactively, Conducttr brings Ava to life by allowing audiences to email or text her and have her respond with a range of replies based on questions asked or topics explored. The project uses Conducttr’s “conditional scene” feature which allows authors to create branching narratives and activate the correct scene based on the certain settings relating to the interacting audience member’s choices.

In Ruby Skye, audiences must text Ava three times, during which time she’ll respond with three single-letter clues and then on the fourth and subsequent SMS, Ava will respond to specific questions. Conducttr maintains a count of how many times each person texts Ava and hence can branch the narrative accordingly.

Conducttr has allowed production company Story 2.OH to build a scalable, interactive world that’s available 24/7.