Divas Personalized Wellbeing Experience

Lifelike Learning

Personalised 8-week training and motivational programme for women

Women receive personalized, motivational and interactive content throughout a period of 2 months from a personal trainer, a stylist, a nutritionist, and a psychologist, who help them achieve their full potential.


Lifelike Learning developed this training program for women in Brazil who want to get healthier and feel better about themselves, focusing on motivational messages , personalized content, and combining activity with storytelling and humor.

Women first register and fill-in a questionnaire with their personal information: body type, nutritional habits, likes and dislikes, and personal goals. Once inside the app, participants encounter personal companions for the two months of the training period, who share with them relevant information, challenges, and advice.

Conducttr’s Communicator works as a secure messaging device in which participants receive friendly messages from their trainers and mentors. The messages simulate a whatsapp conversation, in which the different instructors talk to the participant and send them videos, PDFs, audios, and text tailored around their interests and goals. Also, instructors ask questions about their progress and emotional and physical state.

Track and compare individual progress



Divas offers a personalized journey for each participant based on the profile built during registration. During 8-weeks of interaction, they receive advice on what to wear by body type, tips by face type, best looks for their style, training and maintenance according to their body, and recipes and eating tips based on what they like to eat. In this way, the experience feels unique and relevant.