Conducttr allows business continuity and remote crisis training to run anywhere there’s an internet connection. Players see a first-person view of the unfolding crisis via a virtual desktop
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Designed from the core to run remote crisis simulation exercises
Integrated with Zoom meetings, you can run your exercises remotely while guiding or facilitating your team.
Create rooms for everyone and assign permissions to your participants to create their own team breakout rooms. Exercising from home during lockdowns or from different parts of the world was never this easy.
Player’s View
Players interact via a virtual desktop that simulates real-time multi-channel communications like a real incident.
You decide registration type, channel names & icons, branding – it’s yours to customise.
Facilitator’s View
Exercise control is managed by the “facilitator dashboard“.
Control your remote crisis exercises pacing, on-the-fly heat control with Pattern of Life and real-time player data