• Entertainment

    Create new entertainment formats that blend any mix of reality, fiction, online, offline, mobile and social. Use Conducttr without coding to create amazing experiences, with minimal coding to connect to the Internet of Things or with coding to use as an intelligent back-end for your front-end apps.

    Enhance existing formats like movies, books and theatre performances with new social and gaming layers.

    Build audiences using interactive storytelling that blends marketing and entertainment.  Learn more

  • Marketing

    Create multi-platform marketing campaigns with the added potential to integrate with web and mobile apps and games.

    Create interactive branded content, dynamic campaigns that respond to consumer behaviour and deliver the metrics and audience data that clients demand.

    Create interactive social experiences in minutes: develop prototypes to demonstrate multiplatform ideas and have the prototypes become production-ready without re-work. Learn more

  • Education

    Create engaging, fun experiences in which interaction & collaboration reinforces learning.

    Prepare students for the world by exercising and developing their critical thinking, social, emotional, ethical, negotiation and collaboration skills.

    Use data to assess student performance and to shape their progress.

    Learn more