Features for teams ready to be challenged

Rehearse as you would for real.
Create a fully realistic training environment and allow teams the freedom to act exactly as they would in a real crisis.

Pattern of Life
Create believable, immersive worlds that are rich with life and do so dynamically in response to player actions. Pattern of Life allows the exercise facilitator to publish content feeds “on demand” at the push of a button rather than in a linear sequence – changing the published blend and frequency of content on the fly.
Deal with the human factor
Human role-players add authenticity and spontaneity – using their experience to respond to players as they think stakeholders would in real life. For role-players who aren’t subject matter experts, provide hints, scripts and instructions as necessary – perhaps sending timed notifications to make live calls or interventions. All session participants can share information and debate team strategies using TeamChat Plus.
Social Watch
Reputational crises, disinformation campaigns, customer complaints… Engaging scenarios require to keep an eye on social media activity. Social Watch allows participants to define watchword columns, set up alerts, analyze sentiment and identify influencers around selected trending topics.
Qualitative assessment
Observers watch for and capture expected behaviors to provide real-time qualitative assessments. Real-time assessment allows improved, immediate feedback which improves individual and team performance. Our assessment toolkit allows you to design your own schema of observable behaviors and decide how these map to capabilities.
Integrate with operational systems
For organizations that use mass notification systems or crisis management software, Conducttr can be embedded or work alongside them to provide breaking news & social media simulation while also triggering real alerts and messages right inside the real apps you’ll use in a crisis. This integration provides the ultimate live exercise environment – players using real systems within a fictional training scenario wrapper managed by Conducttr.
A free content library
If you want to create exercises fast, you can use Ventura, our library of free crisis content: breaking news clips, audios for calls, stax of tweets, news articles, personas… All the assets you need for a realistic simulation readily available for you to use.
Experience is everything
Join one of our online simulation events and take part on your own device.
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