Our simulation software is available in a number of ways
This is our usual delivery means. Every client has a unique URL for their simulation space which it provides to its exercise participants. Simulations are uploaded to the cloud via our Scenario Editor that's used by the client to design & build its own exercises (or we can do it for them).
Worlds allows you to offer ready-made crisis exercises to your customers – internal or external. It's like an exercise portal allowing your clients to run team-based exercises independently of each other in their own time. Click here to find out more.
Colibri allows you to offer your organisation short, self-paced microsimulations. Using the same Scenario Editor and Virtual Desktop as our team licences, Colibri provides all the realism and engagement you'd expect from a Conducttr exercise but instead of team exercising, this is for whole-of-organisation individual refreshers and enlighteners.
Local is our Cloud solution running on your premises on VMware ESXi in an Internet-forbidden environment. The software can also run on a dedicated high-performance laptop for field deployment where there is no Internet or where the public Internet is prohibited. This product is intended for defence & security clients.
Try it now
There are lots of ways to try-before-you-buy. Try Worlds immediately to see the interface, signup for a live public exercise or contact us for a 1-on-1 demo.
Please visit the Licences and Pricing page for pricing and options.