Effective teams have good communication and coordination. That’s only possible with practice. Conductt lets you send different content to different people which means you can uncover issues that would exist in real life.

Impressive realism
Kill scepticism and create exercises that participants tell you is time well spent.
Staggering efficiency
Gain more value for every minute spent developing your exercise.
Secure virtual environment
Simulated social media, email, phone calls, and instant messaging – allowing participants to make decisions and interact in real-time: just as they would in real life. Whether you want your teams to be reflective or stressed, you can configure the perfect environment.
Precise control
Control the direction of the exercise moment to moment. You decide how and when to apply the heat, when to follow participant decisions and when to rein them in. Real-time data gives you eyes in the room even if running an exercise remotely across multiple locations.
Experience is everything
Join one of our online simulation events and take part on your own device.
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