Write and deliver your own time-pressured, realistic social media simulations to teams anywhere in the world.

Confident teams
Remaining calm in a media storm takes the confidence that comes from experience. Public relations training with Conducttr builds experience, calmness and confidence.
Reputational risk reduction
Crisis team actions and responses are captured in a facilitator dashboard in real time which means you gain immediate insights to share with players so that mistakes in your reputational damage exercises aren’t repeated in real life.
Rehearse with social media simulations
Simulated social media, email, phone calls, and instant messaging – allowing participants to make decisions and interact in real-time: just as they would in real life. Combine live role-players with autonomous stakeholders to get the best of both worlds: a time-critical exercise that achieves its objectives and delivers quantifiable results and the freedom to react to unexpected player actions.
Monitor with Social Watch
Participants can monitor trending topics across social media during an exercise using Social Watch, identifying influencers, running sentiment analysis and visualizing word clouds. Help your team to take ownership of the crisis by giving them tools to properly visualize social conversation. Learn more about Social Watch.
Your scenario, your way
Quickly create your OWN business continuity exercises by uploading from Excel or creating it directly in our intuitive interface. From live to automated, it’s your call. You’re free to simulate people in your organization and important clients to make the exercise as resonant to you as possible.
Experience is everything
Join one of our online simulation events and take part on your own device.
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