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Conducttr Worlds allows you to offer ready-made crisis exercises to your customers – internal or external.
Now you can run hundreds of simultaneous team exercises without your active involvement – saving you time & effort and ensuring more people are trained each year.

If you need to scale up your exercising without increasing your
workload, then Conducttr Worlds is for you
Manage a library of exercises
Using the usual Conducttr Scenario Editor, exercises are uploaded to your private World where you can further prepare and explain them before publishing.
Exercises can be updated or replaced at any time - it’s under your control.
Allow customers to access your library
Facilitators in your business units (or even external clients in the case of consultancies) can now access your World after you’ve registered them and granted them permission.
Customers will be guided to your World where they can run the exercises you’ve made available, directly in their browser with no software to install.
Customers load exercises into their unique space
Each of your customers has a unique Conducttr simulation space in which to run their exercise. This means they conduct their team exercises independently of other customers and independently of you.
Engaging, realistic, customisable team exercises
The customer you registered becomes the exercise facilitator and can run exercises with their team.
Importantly, each customer is able to customise the exercise by renaming stakeholders, changing images and tweaking data so that your bespoke exercise is even more localised for additional realism and engagement.
Innovative organizations are exercising with Conducttr
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