Command Post Training

TeamXp incident simulation software creates Command Post training that runs on any device with a browser.
Rehearse strategic and tactical decision-making in realistic, time-critical exercises.


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Improve team communications

Learn to develop and maintain shared situational awareness from incomplete and unreliable information delivered by the Command Post exercise

Improve decision-making

Reduce decision inertia and improve the quality of decisions by practicing under pressure in stressful exercises.


command post training - desktop

Virtual environment

Players interact with each other, with role-players and with automated non-player characters via a virtual desktop that simulates real-time multi-channel communications like a real incident.

Exercise control teams can monitor, assess and affect on-going exercises by pausing to provide feedback or increasing the pressure.


Team, role and group training

Typical Command Post training replicates structures that can be created with players in strategic and tactical teams and in specific roles.

Players can receive asymmetric information which requires teams to communicate and coordinate to fully understand the emergency.

command post training - teams

Experience it yourself.

Join one of our frequent online live simulations. Follow facilitator instuctions and play as a participant using your own device.

One of the best ways to understand what TeamXp is about: experiencing it.


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command post training - easy


Players interact with the Command Post imulation via a web application that replicates familiar platforms like Twitter, email, phone calls etc. This means training looks and feels like real life which means players become more effective at their job.

command post training - detailed


All player activity is tracked and the most important delivered in real-time to a facilitator dashboard while the exercise is in progress. This means better exercise control, better feedback to players and increased operational performance.

command post training - fast


You create the simulation which means it’s always custom-made to fit your needs. An intuitive drag-and-drop editor, a graphical design tool and exporting to Word means scenarios are fast to create, share and modify making everything more efficient.

command post training - practical


Your exercises are uploaded to a secure, private space where they can be delivered anywhere in the world – saving time & money and ensuring you practice more frequently


“Conducttr TeamXp makes our Command Post training more immersive and realistic and that means
trainees are better prepared for their jobs”




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Our immersive web application simulates social media, email, TV and more.

Deliver an engaging scenario-based Command Post training environment
that you design and control. It’s your scenario to make interactive.


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