Migrate away from PowerPoint, paper and Excel and let Conducttr deliver your exercises in a realistic, interactive way.

Measurable improvement
Support your debrief with reliable real-time data from realistic rehearsals.
Do more with less
Too many exercises, too many sites, too many presentations to create? Conducttr will shrink your workload.
Global exercises from your desk
Trainees access your exercise from virtually anywhere, using a secure, private web application. A friction-less experience using any connected device.
Your scenario, your way.
Quickly create your OWN business continuity exercises by uploading from Excel or creating it directly in our intuitive interface. From live to automated, it’s your call. You’re free to simulate people in your organization and important clients to make the exercise as resonant to you as possible.
Experience is everything
Join one of our online simulation events and take part on your own device.
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