City of Conspiracy

Jonny Virgo, rapper, writer and creator of City of Conspiracy

Music tracks and live events complete the story that begins in a book and on SMS

“Harry Potter meets Dan Brown with more black people” is how hip hop artist Jonny Virgo describes his transmedia storyworld that immerses the audience in London’s underbelly.

city of conspiracy

London provides the backdrop as we help investigative journalist and rapper, Sherlock Delgado find his friend’s killer. Sherlock had turned is back on all those urban myths and conspiracy theories but the murder leads him to draw expected and frightening connections between the occult, street gangs and big corporations. As the climax draws near he has to make a life-changing and disturbing choice. The story is layered across four platforms with each allowing the audience to retrace the murder and stumble into a world of cover-ups, collusions, and corruption.

While the book alone provides a great read, those who interact by texting the codes and puzzles given in the book uncover new evidence and fresh perspectives – sometimes discovering one of up to 80 hip-hop songs each of which allows gangster characters to reveal their inner life and their take on the situation.

Jonny Virgo was a musician and recording artist long before he started writing the novel and the music forms an important part of the storyworld, often bridging from the book to the live events.

The idea for the live events originally started as a way to celebrate the completion of the book but have evolved to become the primary source of revenue and are now frequently the first entry point. Jonny feels that the live events make the story come alive, making it feel real in a way that the digital platforms can’t. He says he’s lucky that London has people seeking out new and interesting activities but recognizes that without any other source of funding he’s been forced to develop compelling experiences in order to make everything happen.

The live events vary throughout the year and might be a walking tour of London’s secret societies, an initiation, a closed-room murder mystery or something else. All combine theatrical performances with self-guided exploration with the participants meeting live characters and able to SMS others – collecting and deciphering clues to discover more about the storyworld and solve that event’s quest.

Conducttr provides the foundation for Jonny’s relationship with this audience – holding everyone’s contact details and personalizing their journey based on interactions across the book and live events.