Mixed-reality platform as a service

Conducttr Engine mixed reality platform delivers immersive stories and games across multiple channels – blending digital and physical worlds for unforgettable interactive experiences.


A Massively Scalable Storytelling Engine

For coders

Internet of Things, social media, wearables… Connect platforms, apps, APIs, VR, AR to quickly create multichannel experiences on a secure, powerful cloud gaming engine.

For storytellers

Enjoy the freedom to express yourself across multiple platforms – creating personalized experiences for millions.


Over 26 MILLION interactions and counting, powering a multitude of experiences …


– Interactive narratives

– Serious games

– Immersive theatre

– Marketing campaigns

– Transmedia storytelling

– Crisis simulations

– Scavenger hunts

– Branded content

– Multiplatform games

– Educational experiences

– Location-based quests

– Health experiences


Orchestrate the Human Experience

Create immersive experiences that integrate the full spectrum of reality from synthetic virtual worlds to physical worlds.

Conducttr mixed reality platform is designed for creatives and technologists to work in harmony – saving hours of time, expense and heartache.

Why develop everything from scratch when you can let Conducttr do the heavy lifting while you focus on the fun.


Create immersive experiences for the real world, the virtual and everything in between.


mixed reality platform - engine


A secure, scalable, reliable, powerful engine for multi-platform narrative experiences.



Projects are structured by character, chapter, scene, beat, trigger, condition & action for interactive narrative event-driven experiences that are easy to read and understand without knowing code.

mixed reality platform - rapid prototyping


Native support for Alexa, Twilio, Twitter, Facebook, email, Tumblr and more means faster development with low to no code; easily add RESTful API methods for mobile apps, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more.

mixed reality platform - persistence


Save game states and audience & community data so that your experience remembers multi-play sessions (across platforms) for higher engagement and increased realism

mixed reality platform - content management


Easily separate creative and technical production tasks with support for late-delivery, hot swap and dynamic content meaning faster turn-arounds and lower support and implementation costs

mixed reality platform - audience management


Dynamic audience database with cross-platform audience record merging, ready-to-go audience administration and full or anonymized exporting capability

mixed reality platform - behavioural targeting


Use audience interaction data to personalize experiences, publishing the right content to the right people at the right time for higher sustained engagement

mixed reality platform - team aware


Native support for collaborative play allowing audience members to impact each other’s experience with unlimited teams and team types.

mixed reality platform - alexa


Create voice-activated multi-platform Amazon Alexa skills without coding; easily hot-swap content without rebuilding.

mixed reality platform - transmedia


The first commercially available software-as-a-service for alternative reality games, immersive theatre, scavenger hunts, scenario-based training and more


UK ICO-registered data processor, cyber essentials plus certificated, GDPR-compliant and tools to help you as data owner be GDPR-compliant too.


Data mine every interaction or connect to real-time dashboard


Innovative brands and independent creators use Conducttr mixed reality platform to create remarkable adventures



Conducttr Mixed-Reality Engine: Turn everyone’s life into an adventure.