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Create interactive, engaging exercises that build confidence and resilience

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Practice makes perfect
Realistic exercises, faster
Build your own life-like immersive exercises in less time than it takes with Powerpoint using our intuitive scenario editor and libraries of ready-made scenarios & content. Import existing exercises from Excel. Publish in multiple languages for global businesses exercising across time zones.
Unforgettable experiences mean emotional commitment
Our secure virtual exercise environment provides participants with a first-person perspective on the unfolding crisis - just as they would in real life. Run any scenario from cyber attack, natural disaster to kidnap & ransom across a wide range of channels like email, instant messaging and social media.
Few people, lower costs, better results
Our unique exercise control features means fewer people are needed to run realistic exercises for more trainees. Features like impersonation, pattern of life, multiple master events lists, spoof engagement and many more.
Save time with instant exercise reports
It’ll seem like your post-exercise reports write themselves with instant training evidence at a click. Use our after-action review feature to comment on any trainee-produced content in the exercise and see it in the final report.
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There are lots of ways to try-before-you-buy. Try Worlds immediately to see the interface, signup for a live public exercise or contact us for a 1-on-1 demo.
Capabilities of possible interest
Real-time Feedback
Monitor player actions in real-time and adpat the exercise to match their performance.
Change the course or consequences of the exercise using a wide range of features.
Server attack
Visually represent an attack on a server network for emotional engagement or explanation.
Ransomware attack
Block access to websites with a ransomware message via inject or on-demand.
Social media
Publish across a wide range of simulated social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, 4Chan and more
Bring Your Own Map
Upload your KML files and overlay on our InfoMap to see geotagged social media and press activity alongside your geographic points of interest.
Impersonation allows anyone to play as any number of stakeholders - reducing the cost and size of exercise control.
Social listening
SocialWatch simulates social listening tools allowing the training audience to get alerts for trending phrases, find influencers and see sentiment.
Things you might like to do
Faster, shorter, sooner! Libraries for faster production
We have an ever-expanding library of exercises, styles and stakeholders for you to rapidly build your own bespoke exercise with content already available. And you can create your own libraries to share with collaborators or others in your organisation.
Localisation & Customisation
Any exercise you (or we) create can be easily tweaked and modified to run with different clients so that it always looks bespoke to the participants. Using our custom data and smartwords features you even allow facilitators to modify exercises live - changing office addresses, product sizes, and so on.
Cyber Attack
Conducttr can simulate breaches of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Websites can be hacked on-demand or master events list inject. Our website details feature allows players to peak behind the website before or after an attack.
Complaining customers
Using our pattern-of-life feature, customer complaints can be ramped up or slowed down on demand live during the exercise depending on how well the trainng audience is coping with the exercise. Complaints can arrive on email, social media, even instant messaging for internal stakeholders.
Try it now
There are lots of ways to try-before-you-buy. Try Worlds immediately to see the interface, signup for a live public exercise or contact us for a 1-on-1 demo.
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