Conducttr Conference
Join us. Empower yourself. Change the narrative.
Conducttr Conference 2024
Unlock the Power of Participation in Crisis Exercising

The Conducttr Conference is more than just an event; it's about being part of a community that dares to think differently, act boldly, and lead passionately.

This invitation-only event for clients & their friends brings together innovators, thinkers and rebels who have changed the way they script, produce and run exercises to empower crisis management professionals to step-up in an organisation’s time of need.
June 13th 2024

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London, UK

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Build knowledge and relationships.

Engage, enquire, and leave with actionable insights to elevate your crisis exercises to new heights.
Why Attend?
Leadership and Learning: Dive deep into the heart of Conducttr with sessions designed to unlock the full potential of our platform. Whether you're new to Conducttr or looking to maximize your existing projects, there's something for everyone.

Meet the Tribe: Connect with a vibrant community of Conducttr practitioners. This is your chance to network with fellow pioneers who share your passion for innovation and better ways of working.

Technology as a Catalyst: Learn how artificial intelligence transforms the speed and ease of exercise design & production.
See for yourself
You can try a realistic exercise right now via our online Worlds.