Game of Thrones

Canal+ Spain for Season 4 of Game of Thrones

Social storytelling and gaming in the world of Westeros brought to life across Spain

Spain’s population became players in a massively multiplayer role-playing game built with Conducttr on top of Twitter! The MMRPG was supported by a 5 episode webseries and live events all designed to create engagement and conversation around the show.

Game of Thrones (Juego de Tronos) was broadcast on the subscription channel Canal+ every Monday night at 9:30pm Spain for 10 weeks.

Players registered at the 19 Reinos (19 Realms) website to fight for a Great House (ie. Lannister, Stark, Targarian etc.) and a realm of Spain (ie. Madrid, Galicia, Andalucía etc.). Each week during the hour prior the show fans fought in a massive Twitter battle to become King or Queen of a Great House and ruler of a realm! Each of the 19realms was ruled by a different Game of Thrones family according to the outcome of the Twitter battle.

Mid-week, when the show was off air, players engaged in personal and community strategies to build alliances for the fight on Mondays. Using Twitter, players could attack, seduce, betray one another… as well as buying weapons, sheilds, swords, clothes and potions.

Conducttr offered multi-level engagement allowing causal fans to join the game with a single tweet and hardcore fans to create a full character profile building health, stamina, wealth and strength from week to week – either via their usual twitter client or from the custom-design 19Reinos webpage that integrated to via our API (i.e. our programmable interface developers).

Fans also contributed user-generated content to the 19Reinos Facebook page in creative weekly side quests – gaining additional XP (experience points) via Conducttr’s automatic monitoring of the Facebook page.


Brand Integration

New wealth to buy inventory items was to be found as unique codes among brand partners – FNAC, Club Cultura, Gigamesh and Meristation – in online and in offline stores. The codes were exchanged at the 19Reinos website.

Each partner had a unique role in the storyworld as military camp, fortress, town square, forest and even brothel.  This synergistic relationship brought fans into stores and store visitors to the game, and offered endeless possibilities for partners to take part in the fictional universe at anytime.

Social Media Integration

These days, with Twitter effectively working as a real time electronic program guide, the MMORPG was designed to drive awareness hours before the show aired and then long into the week.

Facebook worked as an in-world town square for players to role-play their own characters while commenting and contributing content in weekly missions.

Real Time Engagement

The Monday night battles saw Conducttr processing multiple tweets per second as well as sending emails to tell players they’d been killed and respawned. This was in addition to serving data to the website about which realms had fallen and which new Kings and Queens had come to power.

Of course metrics and a deeper understanding of fans and subscribers is always important and Conducttr produced data for charts analysing player behavior to allow Canal+ to tweak and refine the game mechanics in response to player sentiment and activities.

Please see the Slideshare Case Study for an indepth explanation of the full work of the Transmedia Storyteller Ltd creative team and the power of Conducttr.

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