Candidate Assessment – the BUSINIZI recruitment exercise.

Lifelike Learning

An interactive collaborative exercise about a restaurant in crisis

Candidates must demonstrate their cultural fit to the hiring organization.


Company culture is a key determinant of success and so hiring people who fit your culture is paramount to peak business performance. This can be particularly crucial in industries such as finance where between 2010 and 2014, conduct risk cost companies £200 billion in fines.

Cultural fit isn’t something that’s easily communicated on a CV or resume or even revealed in an interview where candidates can learn expected responses. The only way to check someone’s cultural fit is to see them in action.

The solution

Working with Lifelike Learning, we created a demanding 2-hour exercise in which batches of 25 candidates can be assessed in 5 teams of 5. While a moderator decides when the next twist in the scenario should unfold, additional observers are able to assess candidates in real time by checking off expected behaviors on a tablet computer.

How does it work?

The moderator-led immersive exercise invites candidates to interactively role-play a consultancy team brought in to fix an ailing family-run Italian restaurant. They are given a mobile phone (running our Communicator web application and connected to Conducttr) which simulates the fake consultancy’s internal computer system – allowing characters to email, tweet and call the candidates.

Working together as a team, candidates must piece together information from conversations and internal documents to understand how the restaurant works and the difficulties it’s going through.  Synthetic (i.e. automated) family members share their vision, assumptions and reasons why they think the restaurant is under-performing.

Candidates in each team play a specific role and must hence communicate and collaborate with each other to get the full picture.

Facilitated exp

Candidate Assessment

The moderator and observers all use tablet computers running our Communicator web application. While Conducttr prompts the moderator to send a new inject to advance the scenario, it also alerts observers to the type of behaviors they should be looking out for. Observers assess participants while the exercise runs by clicking the candidate’s photo and then scoring an observed behavior. This assessment data is shared in real time with the moderator. They are also allowed to make qualitative comments and notes which are shared among the assessment group.


At the end of the exercise, the moderator has an immediate assessment of all candidates. This data can be exported to an Excel file for archive or subsequent review.