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Go beyond slide-show presentations


Enhance your discussion-based exercises with a realistic unfolding crisis.


Features for seminar-style training



– Presenter –

Windows on an unfolding incident

The Presenter is a web application intended for the big screen. It allows you to deliver seminar-style exercises that prioritize discussion over direct player interaction with their devices.
Because it’s part of Conducttr Teamxp, the scenario unfolds across Twitter, Facebook, breaking news video and articles… adding the pace and realism that Powerpoint never does.


– Facilitator dashboard –

One-tap exercise control

Running on your mobile phone, use the Facilitator Dashboard to control the pace of the exercise – pausing, slowing or advancing the Presenter content as needed.
Engaging exercises can’t get any easier than this.



– Scenario editor –

Your own scenario for maximum relevance

Fast, easy and effective. If you can add items to a list then you can create an exercise in Conducttr TeamXp!
Enter your exercise injects directly into our scenario editor or import from Excel. We’ll remember the relative timing between injects and playback in the Presenter on your command via the Facilitator Dashboard.
We even have free content and videos for you to use to get you up and running even faster.


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Looking for more advanced training set-ups?


Have participants directly interact using their devices. Create multi-channel immersive simulations that allow teams to experience the issue first-hand and to rehearse as they would in a real crisis.

Proficient teams


Turn up the heat with on-demand stress-testing and integration to live environments. Blend your live incident system with Conducttr social media simulation for the ultimate live exercises.

Expert teams