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Interactive experiences that feel like real life

TeamXp is a first-person interactive experience that plunges you into an immersive scenario. You see the consequences of every decision and interaction in real-time and must answer emails, give commands and prioritise tasks – just as you would in real life.

TeamXp works through simulated social media, email, phone calls, and instant messaging which is presented in a secure, private web application on mobiles, tablets, and laptops. You create scenarios yourself – through a simple drag and drop interface – so you can test employees on specific threats to your business.

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Try the FREE 30 day trial NOW

The 30-day trial includes a complete version of TeamXp after which time the pro features will be disabled. Any scenario you develop during the trial is yours to use after you upgrade to a paid version.

You can use the trial to:
– see for yourself how easy to use TeamXp really is
– build interactive scenarios for crisis simulations, business continuity testing, leadership development, recruitment and more
– build a fully-working exercise to demonstrate to potential customers and decision-makers

You’ll need to  upgrade to an annual license to:
– use TeamXp for any commercial purpose
– prevent us terminating your ability to run scenarios

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How much does it cost?

An annual subscription of £3,500 buys a cloud space from which to run your scenarios for an unlimited number of sessions for up to 30 people per session. You also get unlimited use of the scenario editor which you can freely copy to anyone in the organization to develop scenarios: there’s no restriction on scenario development, only on the execution. To run more than one scenario simultaneously requires the purchase of additional spaces and for sessions of greater than 30 people requires purchase of additional capacity.

Pro features like the Design capability to brand your own web application and the Report function to export your scenarios to an editable Word document are also available at extra charge. Please contact Sales for a full price list.

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